Weekly Tip for May 22: 5 Ways to Handle Pests in your Home this Spring

<span>Weekly Tip for May 22:</span> 5 Ways to Handle Pests in your Home this Spring
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    Everyone’s homes can develop pest infestations any time of the year, but spring’s warmer weather means many types of pests, including fleas, snakes, and ants become very active and prolific.

    Here are five ways to handle pests in the house.

  • Be Diligent with Housecleaning

    Ants, roaches, rodents and other pests are attracted to food particles, even tiny ones, in your home. One way to deter these types of bugs is to keep your home as spotless as possible and remove food waste daily. Even a bottle of honey that has gotten a little sticky on the outside, or a used packet of sugar can attract things like pesky ants.

    Vacuuming your carpets can also help. Doing so removes food particles and fleas. In fact, vacuuming daily is one of the best non-chemical methods for reducing the indoor flea population. Just remember to empty the vacuum bag outside instead of in your indoor trashcans.

  • Keep Food Tightly Sealed

    Having poorly sealed boxes of breakfast cereal sitting around is a good example of what not to do. All food items should be stored in lidded containers that are, preferably, airtight. Don’t leave food sitting out on the counter. Make sure you put it in a cupboard or pantry. Keep your sink and counters clean of any scraps as well. Don’t let your trash overflow and sit in your kitchen for too long of a time. Just make your food as difficult for pests to get to as much as possible.

  • Clear the Landscape

    Keep your landscape clear of leaves, twigs and other materials that can be enticing to pests looking for shelter or a way to enter the home. In addition, make sure you keep stacks of wood or items made from wood away from the home because, in addition to providing shelter for spiders, snakes and other creatures, wood can attract termites.

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    Have the Home Professionally Treated

    According to Midwest Pest Control, a pest control service in Tulsa, once some pests start to take over, they can be hard to get rid of through usual methods.

    Pest control professionals can treat the home and landscape for a variety of common pests, such as spiders, fleas, ticks, ants, roaches, and even snakes and rodents.

    When the yard is professionally treated in addition to the home’s interior, pests have less of a chance to ruin your spring activities indoors or outdoors.

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  • Seal Exterior Cracks

    Bugs are small, but even rodents and snakes can enter into the home very small holes in your home’s exterior. Do your best to seal exterior cracks to keep these creatures out. You can find pest covers for some exhaust vents, such as the clothes dryer vents, and these will help as well. While you might not be able to find and seal all openings on your own, you will at least close a few doors to pests.

Dealing with pests in the home is never fun. However, when you keep on top of control-methods and call for professional help when you need it, handling pests is less stressful. You’ll be able to enjoy spring more and worry less about annoying home pests.

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