Baby Cot: To Cot or Not to Cot?

Baby Cot: To Cot or Not to Cot?
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    Ever wondered why baby does not just sleep in a bed?

    That thought might have crossed your mind at some point, especially if you are a parent or aspire to be one.


Granted, cots are cute and babies look cute in them. That could be it! After all, when you think baby, you think is cute and cuddly.

Where does your baby sleep?

In a cot or in your bed most probably, or in their own bed. Have you ever heard of a tot in a hammock? Maybe in certain cultures. A hammock is fun to sleep in, but I’m not sure how a squirmy baby would fare in one. Most parents prefer a baby cot for their munchkins to sleep in. This is despite constant talk of the frightening phenomenon known as cot death.

In a cot, the baby can be closed in to prevent them from rolling over and landing on the floor. A report from a survey conducted reveals that there are diverse feelings on the issue of where a baby should sleep. Some parents (read mothers) feel that Baby should sleep with Mommy.


They make good points. Let that eyebrow down. There is the issue of bonding. It is said to be easier for the mom and safer for the baby (the jury is still out on this one though).

However, those in favor of babies sleeping on their own accuse the former of being lazy, irresponsible and taking the easy way out. This writer has heard hushed conversations concerning women rolling onto their babies and killing them in their sleep. No statistics to support the whispers, of course.

So, to buy the cot or not?

Consider these facts:

  • Millions of baby cots are sold every day. What does that say? Millions of people use them, clearly. Whether their babies spend nights in them or only day naps is neither here nor there. That millions buy them is proof that they are preferred by many parents.
  • There is no perfect situation. Whether your baby sleeps with you or sleeps in their cot, you will have the same issues of waking up multiple times in the night to feed or change or comfort your little one.

The issue of whether you need a cot or not should be a purely individual decision to make; The issues of bonding and independence depend on individual perceptions.

However, the fact that the cot does afford parents some privacy cannot be argued. There is no reason why the addition of a baby or babies should change the relationship needs of a couple. You are more than mom and dad. That is just one more feather on your cap.

The baby cot may be an important item to have when you have a baby, even if you choose co-sleeping because your baby takes a lot of naps during the day and it is important that he is in an enclosed space where he cannot roll out or easily climb out and risk falling.

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