How to Prevent Clogging Issues in Kitchen Drains – 3 Tips to Remember

How to Prevent Clogging Issues in Kitchen Drains – 3 Tips to Remember
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    Do you always experience clogging in your plumbing drains?

    Well, it is important to note that clogging is a common problem most home owners experience with their residential plumbing drains.


The main reason why your plumbing drains will frequently clog up is because of buildup of unwanted materials and elements. This is a common plumbing problem. When it happens, you or your local plumber will have to clear your plumbing drains. This will restore and ensure unobstructed flow. But, this can be a costly exercise resulting in increasing annual plumbing costs.

That said, I am sure you want to save on these escalating annual plumbing costs. Not only that, you also want to avoid clogging challenges and have unobstructed flow of waste along your plumbing drains.

An ingenious way to do this is incorporate plumbing drain protection appliances or devices in your plumbing system. The drain protection devices prevent any unwanted materials, substances and elements from entering your residential plumbing drains.

If you are looking for a solution to the frequent clogging problems or better still interested in saving the increasing plumbing costs, here are some of the popular plumbing drain protection devices used by most homeowners to prevent their kitchen and plumbing drains from frequently clogging.

Popular Plumbing Drain Protection Devices

Let us quickly dive in!

  • 1. Garbage Disposals

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    A garbage disposal is a plumbing protection device that every homeowner should have in their home. Garbage disposals are typically located in the kitchen. The role of the disposals is to prevent some of the soft food leftovers from entering your plumbing drain, clogging and preventing unobstructed flow along your kitchen drain.

    However it is important to note that you should never allow non-food items and hard-to-grind food wastes into the garbage disposals because they can damage the blades of the device.

    Your kitchen requires a garbage disposal to prevent kitchen sink clogs. Otherwise, disposal of the soft food leftovers into the kitchen drain will cause clogs. You should also remember to regularly clean your garbage disposals so as to ensure they continue functioning correctly.

  • 2. Sink Strainers

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    Sink strainers often come as a standard feature for your kitchen sink and many homeowners always overlook their importance. However, it is important to acknowledge that sink strainers play a significant role in ensuring that your kitchen sink do not get blocked frequently.

    If you pour wastewater in your sink, the sink strainer functions by preventing large chunks of food from going through your plumbing drain. If you did not buy your kitchen sink with a sink strainer, it is important that you buy one so as to prevent clogging and ensure unobstructed flow along your kitchen drain.

    Sink strainers are a standard fit. So, once you buy, they should be able to align and perfectly fit into your sink openings and drainpipe.

  • 3. Grease Traps

    Blockages can occur in kitchen sinks due to cooking grease. You should adopt all strategies to prevent your kitchen sink from being exposed to cooking grease. Cooking grease should also not go down your toilet drains either.

    Grease traps are the best available option of disposing cooking grease since they are designed to prevent all greasy elements from going into your kitchen drains.

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    Grease traps will also intercept the grease in water before it builds up and clogs your plumbing drains causing plumbing challenges.

    In case you frequently use grease for all your cooking then you should have grease traps in your kitchen.


Garbage disposals sink strainers and grease traps are some of the popular plumbing drain protection devices that prevent your plumbing drains from clogging and ensuring unobstructed flow of wastewater in your plumbing drains.

Back to you!

Feel free to consult your local plumber for additional drain protection systems for protecting your plumbing drains.

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