4 Tips to Help Keep Your Water Heater in Good Working Order

4 Tips to Help Keep Your Water Heater in Good Working Order
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    Water heaters are an area of home maintenance that people often neglect until something goes wrong.

    You do not want to wait until then.


Following a few simple tips and tricks will help make this maintenance simpler.

Insulate the Pipes of the Water Heater

Insulating the pipes of your water heater will reduce your energy consumption. Not only does this improve the efficiency of your water heater, but it can save your money over the years on your utilities. Additionally, it helps keep your water heater running smoothly and can extend its life expectancy.

There are several clever ways to insulate these pipes. You can buy an insulated blanket and wrap it around the pipes and the main tank of your water heater.

Many local stores sell blankets for this exact purpose, but look at the manual for your specific unit to ensure it is safe.

You could also buy some foam pipe insulation and fit them around your pipes, but they must fit the diameter of your specific pipes and will require a bit more work.

But that is OK, you are up for it.

Drain the Tank and Wash out Sediment

You should drain your water heater tank fairly regularly. Draining the tank is not a difficult task. Anyone can do it, but it does take time.

Sediment and other debris accumulate over time in your water heater tank. This accumulation is harmful and can even be corrosive to the tank’s infrastructure, which is why you should drain and flush your heater at least annually.

To do this, turn the water heater’s power off and drain the water in the tank into a bucket. You can move the sediment sitting at the bottom of the tank by quickly turning on the cold-water supply valve.

Drain this sediment out and continue this process until you have a continuous flow of clean water. Then, you should close the drain cock, fill the tank with water again, and allow the power to flow once more.

This will help in many ways, just try it and see.



Have Your Water Heater Inspected Regularly

When it comes to water heaters, you should prioritize annual inspections. An inspection is much better than having to call water heater repair services when you notice a leak or a rupture.

Some companies, like ABC Drain & Plumbing, know exactly how this goes. You want to discover the problem before it exacerbates because it is less dangerous and far cheaper to fix a small problem than to replace an entire water heater.

Water heater repair services often have inspectors to help check the burner assembly, repair exhaust flue issues, and see if any parts need replacing. There are many signs to look for independently, like black residue, charred metal, rust streaks, or leaks.

Clean the Surrounding Area

Having your water heater in the wrong place could be dangerous, especially if it has combustion issues. You want to space your water heater away from other giant objects.

home improvement ideas to consider (new win):

Don’t shove a refrigerator and a freezer close to it because there should be plenty of room in its surrounding area for inspections and easy access. This warning is crucial for gas-fired units because they must have oxygen to burn gas.

If the machine has low access to oxygen, you will waste efficiency and lose money on utilities. More importantly, you have a much higher chance of a gas leak, which can result in horrible accidents.

Keeping your water heater in incredible condition and running well should not be a hassle. Doing a few annual tasks will ensure that your water heater is working properly and can even lessen your utility bill.

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