Top 7 Home Improvement Trends for 2017

Top 7 Home Improvement Trends for 2017
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    On one hand, a good home improvement project could be an innovation that saves you time, money and energy in everyday chores.

    On the other hand, these things could be purely aesthetic and could make your home more visually appealing.


Finally, these could also be trends that boost your home’s resale value in order to get you a great ROI if you eventually decide to sell the place. Be as it may, here are the top seven home improvement trends you might want to consider in 2017.

Kitchen Innovations

The first two rooms any potential buyer will visit are going to be the kitchen and the bathroom. When it comes to the kitchen, two trends that are growing the fastest are functional islands and wet bars.

As you can see, the first innovation adds to the functionality of the place, while the latter simply makes it appear more luxurious. An even more lavish alternative to wet bars are the so-called wine refrigerators.

Latest Bathroom Trends

As for the bathrooms, you have a price-based two-tier system of potential innovations. Going with functional improvements is a more cost-effective solution if you intend to stay. If you look to resale, you might be better off with a simple flooring replacement.

Your safest choices here are pebble flooring, porcelain wood tiles and texture tiles. The final decision that you should go with is completely up to you.

Erase the Barrier Between Interior and Exterior

Another great home improvement trend, that can both refresh your interior and make it appear bigger is trying to visually expand it outwards. The best way to do so is to try and erase the visual barrier separating these two areas as efficiently as possible. Sure, huge glass slide-doors are your friend, but adding a few pot plants on the interior side might greatly help your cause. Still, all of this would require you to pay as much attention to your backyard’s landscaping as to your living room’s décor, which can be extremely labor intensive.

Frugality is the Key

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that 2017 innovations are all about budget-friendliness and frugality. That means that the cheapest option available usually turns to be the right one. We are talking about buying from garage sales and flea markets instead of furniture salons; restoring old furniture instead of buying a new one; and of course repairing instead of getting new appliances. For instance, a Samsung washing machine repair costs only a fraction of its purchase price, which means that several similar repairs attempts might completely turn your budget around.

Smart Home is Getting Huge

In a hyper-connected world, not only is there no longer reason to get off the couch in order to turn on the lights, provided you have the right application. To make things even better, same goes for most of your household devices and appliances. We are talking about devices such as water heater, thermostat and even your home’s surveillance system.

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A Sustainable Lifestyle

In the ‘frugality’ section, we mentioned the importance of paying attention to your household budget. While buying cheaper can make a difference, this is a one-time saving but if you make an investment towards a more sustainable lifestyle. You can start by replacing all the incandescent light bulbs in your home with LED ones and in this way get the same amount of illumination for only a quarter of power required. Furthermore, you might also think towards getting some low-power appliances and some low-flow bathroom elements while you’re at it.

Nature Inspired Home

In the previous few examples you could clearly see that most of these trends tend to be quite nature-friendly, still, in order to display this eco-awareness in a visual manner, you might want to pull a few more tricks from your sleeve. We are talking about using natural hues in your decoration attempts and incorporating both desk plants and huge pot plants wherever you can. Some even go as far as to get one of those amazing moss bathroom mats.

In Conclusion

The thing about home improvement is that you are never really done with your job. There is always room for more, which means that as long as you have patience, you can keep enhancing your home’s design with fresh ideas. Your only limitation is your own imagination.

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