Need More Home? Top Benefits of Adding a Room onto Your House

Need More Home? Top Benefits of Adding a Room onto Your House
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    When you initially moved into your home, it may have felt spacious and comfortable.

    However, over time, you may acquire more things, and you may even add more people to your home.


Perhaps you now work from home, and you are using one of your rooms as an office. Life has a way of changing your housing needs, and you understandably may feel cramped and uncomfortable in this space. By adding onto your home, you may enjoy numerous benefits.

Add Value to Your House

Your home’s value is typically determine in large part by multiplying your livable square footage by the going market rate for homes in your area. This means that adding more square footage to your home likely would result in value added to your home. You may have to live with scaffolding services like those from Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co coming around, building equipment being in your way, and contractors coming and going for a few weeks or more. Yet, this is a small price to pay to enjoy the finished project.

Before adding a room to your house, make sure that you calculate the end value. How will adding a new room onto the home affect your heating and cooling bills? Will that cost make a big difference when it comes to your return on investment? If not, then go for it! Otherwise, it might be more valuable to put up walls in any open space that your home may have in order to create that room that you want. Just make sure that you calculate the value of both options before starting any project.

Live More Comfortably

When your home is too small for your needs or when you do not have the right room configurations, you and your family can easily feel cramped and uncomfortable. Bickering may increase, and you may find it challenging to find items you need because everything is packed into closets, drawers and more in a disorganized manner. By adding the extra space you need to your home, you can make your space more functional and comfortable for your needs.

Have More Space Available for Guests

Many people entertain regularly or have overnight houseguests. Whether you regularly throw house parties or your family often comes for extended visits, you need the ideal amount of space to entertain everyone comfortably. When you add extra entertainment spaces or a guest bedroom and bathroom to your home, everyone who visits will feel more relaxed and welcome.

Avoid Moving

The primary alternative to adding onto your home is to move into a larger home. Moving, however, has considerable costs associated with it. It can be stressful, and it may take you away from your kids’ schools, your friendly neighbors and more. You can avoid moving and remain in the home you know and love by simply making the space more practical and functional for you and your family.

The process of adding onto your home can seem stressful and even confusing initially. However, when you speak with a few contractors about your plans and obtain several quotes, you can more easily see how quickly and conveniently the work can be completed.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A full-time mother of two, Hannah enjoys imagining and planning projects to make her home more beautiful. Occasionally, she'll actually get around to starting one of them.