Exterior Home Design: How to Make Yours Better Than the Neighbor’s

Exterior Home Design: How to Make Yours Better Than the Neighbor’s
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    Your lawn is one of the first things your neighbors, guests, and various passersby notice about your home.

    A well-manicured, well decorated yard is bound to bring good fortune, especially when it's the nicest one on the block.


Whether you’re just trying to make a good impression or aiming to sell your home, designing the exterior can go a long way in making sure people admire your house before your neighbor’s. However, it can be difficult to make a large space look good for a reasonable amount of money. Here are some ideas that can get you one step closer to a truly eye-catching yard.

Flowers, Bushes, and Shrubbery

These options can be vital to filling space in your lawn. Adding appropriate greenery can be a lot more appealing than empty space, and gardens can draw eyes away from more unsightly areas. Around porches and against fences are the best places for flowers and shrubbery, and while they require a bit of upkeep, they are easy, available, and universally appropriate.

Pavers and Stepping Stones

Quaint, simple, and usually cost-effective, stepping stones can add a bit of charm to any yard. You can place them leading up to a porch, going around to the backyard, or even use them as dividers between the lawn and your flowerbeds. They can come in simple stone slabs, or carved with decorative designs.

Bird Feeders, Bird Baths, and Bird Houses

Everyone likes birds. Even when they’re not being kept as pets, watching these colorful creatures come and go is a hobby for many people. Gathering them in your yard is a very easy way to garner attention from others, and the decorations themselves can be attractive to look at. Well placed baths and feeders can be striking without seeming overwhelming.

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A Well-Manicured Lawn

While this seems like a given, many people get too wrapped up in ornaments and floral arrangements and forget about the most useful exterior decoration of all: their grass. Certain companies, such as Cox Mowers, know that a lush, healthy, and expertly-trimmed lawn can go a long way when brightening a home’s exterior. A reliable ride-on mower can be invaluable, and a quality model can still work twenty years from now, ensuring that your lawn never looks a bit overgrown.

With a bit of elbow grease, a green thumb, and some creativity, anyone can decorate the outside of their home with class. Ditch the flamingos and garden gnomes, and don’t hesitate to take a trip to the gardener.

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