Ducted Heating- A Beneficial System for Homeowners

Ducted Heating- A Beneficial System for Homeowners
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    The ducted heating system as the name suggests conveys one fact and that is it provides warmth to the entire home through ducts.

    It comprises mainly of heating unit and insulated ducts.


This keeps the whole house warm from one point to other rooms. The thermostats allow you to control the temperature. The ducted heating systems set the temperature that depends upon the heating requirements. It is quite easy to understand the working of the system.

  • It basically transfers the air from home through the return grilles.
  • This air is further transferred through the heater to warm up the air.
  • Once the air becomes warm it is circulated back into the home through vents and ducts.
  • The thermostat immediately shuts off once it realizes that the home is heated.
  • The additional heat that is stored will be used until the process starts again.

Benefits of Ducted Heating

  • The ducted heating system has many benefits and can be well accommodated in modern homes. The installation of the system depends upon the right size of the unit. The motor that is used need not work harder and this will reduce the amount of electricity that is used. Thus, you save money.
  • You can opt for specific zones that will allow heating only in those particular areas. If only one region of the house is used at one point of time. Then it is the ideal situation. If the system is serviced properly and maintained regularly, it will last very long.
  • It is one of the most energy efficient systems that are available in the market. Unlike other units, this ducted heating system is much kinder to the environment.
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  • They create temperature zones for optimal comfort. This also means that the system is not running at full capacity. As a result, savings can be made by the homeowners on energy costs.
  • This system can be easily installed in existing homes as well as new homes. The only thing that has to be taken care of is that the property has enough ceiling or space in the under floor for installing the ducts.
  • The ducted cooling system can also be added to the existing system and you can then utilize the same ducts for comfort all the year round.
  • The ducted heating system may also use gas as the source of energy. This is much cheaper and more efficient as compared to electricity.
  • The ducted heating systems are customized that will suit your specific requirements of your property. They also dehumidify the air that circulates in your home. This makes the ducted system an ideal option.
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  • The cooling or heating is done is done instantly. You do not have to wait for long for the system to start working
  • It is easy to control the thermostat that is centralized. It is usually mounted on the wall in the living space. The ducts are used to evenly spread the air throughout the home. So, there are no hot spots except in the zone areas.
  • This system is designed in such a way that it can last longer. It will neither break nor expire before 15 years.
  • The ducted heating system can operate in various weather conditions. The home gets heated properly as per the specifications.
  • The system is unique as it is used to give flow high quality of air. The ducted system does not produce dry air that may cause breathing issues and other discomfort.
  • Since the ducted heating system is placed outdoors, there are no fumes and smells in the house. The air passes through filters ensure that the large particles get trapped and do not circulate through the ducts.

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