Advices on Replacing Glass Sliding Doors

Advices on Replacing Glass Sliding Doors
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    Sliding glass doors are pretty appealing and are a great interior addition to your dwelling's décor.

    Their assets are such, that they allow better access to light and fresh air indoors and they also provide an outstanding view to your patio garden.


Usually, sliding glass doors play the role of external doors. However, there is also the option of using them as secondary doors, installing them inside or outside an already existing door. Most commonly used is the bypass sliding door, but folding sliding door is also a popular option.

There might come the time when you decide to change your old sliding door with a new one, probably one with a vinyl frame or a French door in order to give your home a better look. By doing so and installing one of the latest varieties of sliding doors, you will definitely brighten up your interior and achieve a more stylish and modern appearance. Despite the fact that there are a number of companies out there that offer sliding door replacement, you can try installing the door yourself. Following are some tips that might help you do so.

Prior to replacing your sliding door with a new one, you will need to carefully take measurements for your replacement door. Make sure you measure all across the bottom, top and center of the frame of the door. Remember the smallest dimension. All measurements have to be taken at that point, where the frame of the door ends and the drywall or plaster begins. Having taken all the measurements, see which is the narrowest one and subtract it by ¾”. The value you get as a result will be your new door’s width.

Next thing you have to do is to take height measurements. Measure the center, left and right side from the ground. Taking the narrowest dimension, subtract it by ½”. The result you obtain is going to be your new door’s height. Following, you have to decide if you are to install replacement frame or a retrofit one. In case you pick to install the retrofit one, you won’t have to trim the outside. However, if you choose the replacement frame, trimming is mandatory. Materials, used for a replacement frame can be wood or vinyl.

Removing a sliding glass door:
When you are to be removing the old door, remove the sliding panels and stationary panel first. Do that by lifting them up. They need to be taken out of the track; the glass sliders are to be lifted the same way. Locate the brackets holding the stationary panel. Unscrew them. This being done, unscrew the frame by using a drill and and finally detach it from the wall. Lastly, the side jambs have to be removed, doing your best not to damage the exterior material. Using a pry bar, remove the exterior facing and the interior molding.

Install the new sliding glass door:
Prior to installing the sliding door, check your floor level first. If it isn’t in the right level, add some shims in order to achieve the proper base level. Be sure the head jamb’s straight across the unit’s width. Put two three inch drywall screws on the both sides atop the  top hinges. The gap that is between the doors and the head jamb have to be checked in order to see whether it is even, all across the width. After that, by using two three inch drywall screws, fix the hinge jamb.

Any prehanging clips or braces are to be taken off. See to it that both doors work properly. When putting the door in place, lift it and place its bottom atop the shims. From the inside of the house, set the glass in the gap between the door jamb and the wall framing. As for the outside, caulk the entire brick mold.

Using these tips to install a new sliding glass door, you are bound to provide a glamorous touch to the house’s interior and keep your household ventilated and well-lit.

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