Not Your Conventional Window: The Beauty and Efficiency of Sliding Windows

Not Your Conventional Window: The Beauty and Efficiency of Sliding Windows
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    Thanks to the continually evolving manufacturing technologies and innovations in the fenestration industry, consumers are now provided with a variety of options when they decide to replace their old or damaged windows.


However, with all the good product choices available today, selecting the best among them all can be quite a challenge. Indeed, there are a number of things that must be considered, including your personal needs and preferences. Through this post, I will share with you the benefits of sliding windows and hopefully, this helps you see if this type of window fits your needs and requirements.

MODERN WINDOWS. Consisting mostly of glass, sliding windows exude a contemporary vibe, making them most suitable for homes with modern architectural styles.

What Are Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows are also known as gliding windows or gliders. As these terms suggest, this type of window is operated by sliding the sashes along a horizontal track attached to the frame. Sliding windows are similar to double-hung windows, but they slide from side to side instead of vertically up and down. These windows usually have two panes that can be both opened and closed.

Consisting mostly of glass, sliding windows exude a contemporary vibe, making them most suitable for homes with modern architectural styles. Because of their structure, sliding windows are also often used to brighten up a room or frame a good outdoor view.

The Benefits of Installing Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are popular primarily due to their ability to enhance the aesthetics of a home. However, they also have a number of advantages that go beyond mere beauty.

  • Ease of maintenance

    Sliding windows have less parts compared to other types of windows. This means that there are fewer components that would need maintenance and be likely to sustain damage over the long run. This makes sliding windows low-maintenance in general, as well as cost-effective, since maintenance-related costs are reduced.

  • Durability

    Sliding windows do not have components and parts that other window types have, such as pulleys and springs, which tend to fail and wear down over time. Sliding windows function without these parts, so they are generally more durable and able to last longer.

MORE LIGHT AND VIEWS, LESS HEAT AND DAMAGE. Modern sliding windows are often used to frame a good outdoor view or brighten up a room, sans heat absorption and UV damage.

  • Energy efficiency

    Sliding windows that have double-pane glass with low-e coating offer improved insulation and resistance to penetration of UV and infrared rays. Despite consisting mostly of glass, sliding windows are still made energy-efficient because of these qualities.

    A window with outstanding insulation can help lower energy bills and over time, the energy savings can accumulate and allow you to recoup your initial investment. Furthermore, aside from helping keep the heat out during summer and the cold in winter, sliding windows also assist in improving your home’s energy efficiency by providing adequate ventilation and airflow when they are fully opened.

  • Ease of use

    Sliding windows can be opened and closed very easily–they require very little effort and if the tracks are kept clean and free of debris all the time, you won’t have any problem operating them. These windows ares very light and they typically glide along their track smoothly. Just release the latch or locking mechanism and then slide the panels to achieve the  desired opening.

Making the Most of Sliding Windows: Ensuring Proper Installation

There’s no doubt about sliding windows being worthy of any homeowner’s investment. With their looks and other benefits, it’s not difficult to choose them for your home. However, you can only reap those benefits if the windows are properly installed. And when we talk about proper installation, hiring a professional and certified window replacement company is your best bet.

Here are the top reasons why you should seriously consider getting professional help for sliding window installation or replacement.

  • Adequate protection from the elements

    Proper window installation involves application and use of weatherproofing solutions. When your new windows are not sealed, caulked, and weatherstripped properly, they may leak and let in drafts and moisture, which can compromise their durability and overall performance.

  • Securing energy efficiency

    When your new windows are properly installed, they will be more effective in helping improve your home’s energy efficiency. By making sure that the windows are airtight, you prevent the entry of unnecessary outdoor heat or cold and let out heated or cooled indoor air and energy.

  • Longer lifespan

    Because the windows will have better protection against the elements and other factors that can cause damage, you can expect them to reach their average lifespan or even exceed it.

  • Keeping product warranties valid

    Most window manufacturers offer warranties for their products. But for those to remain valid within the covered period, the windows should be properly installed by a certified window contractor.

Finding a Reliable Contractor

Ensuring proper installation of your sliding windows entails hiring a highly qualified and certified contractor. Check out these tried-and-tested ways to help you find a reliable window company to work with.

THE RIGHT PROFESSIONAL. Hiring the right window contractor to install your new sliding windows will help you get the most out of your investment.

  • Get recommendations

    If someone you know who resides in your area just had new windows installed, you can ask them about the contractor they hired. If they were satisfied with the work done for them, they are most likely to recommend the window company. Your neighbors may also direct you to other trusted contractors.

  • Check the manufacturer’s list of certified contractors

    If you are eyeing new sliding windows from a popular manufacturer, it is highly probable that they will have a list of their certified contractors to recommend to customers. Renewal by Andersen, for instance, has a network of certified window companies that operate across the country. You can check if they have partners in your area.

  • Go online

    Nowadays, almost all information one may need can be found online. Search for window companies in your area and take the time to check out online testimonials and reviews about the contractors that you will find. Of course, it will be best to hire a company that has numerous positive reviews, coupled with years of experience, certifications, and other credentials.

Needless to say, sliding windows offer a number of benefits beyond just neatness and good looks. If you want to know how sliding windows would look on your home and to learn which specific products will provide the most value for your budget, make it a point to consult a trusted window contractor in your area.

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