Organized Construction: 4 Secrets to a Flawless Home Renovation

Organized Construction: 4 Secrets to a Flawless Home Renovation
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    Those who are considering renovating a home should think of these projects as an investment in their future.

    Not only will the renovations make your home more comfortable to live in, but they will also increase the value of your property.


Unfortunately, many homeowners make countless mistakes throughout this process, and that can end up costing them thousands of dollars and wasting weeks of work. Here is a look at four tips and tricks that will allow you to carry out your next home renovation project without running into any problems.

Overestimate the Final Cost

No matter how much planning you try to do, everyone experiences at least a few hiccups during home renovation projects. When a homeowner doesn’t correctly budget for an upcoming project, they will most likely find themselves running out of cash when it is needed the most. While there is no set amount of money that you need to set aside, most contractors agree that homeowners should add around five percent to the total budget to account for hidden costs.

That might include issues such as delays due to the weather or an increase in material costs. If you don’t have the liquid assets to pay for the renovation on your own, then you might want to consider refinancing your home or taking out a small loan if you have built up enough equity.

Don’t Overestimate Your Abilities

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is thinking that they have the time and expertise to work on some of the more complicated projects. Even homeowners who have experience in this field should reconsider carrying out major home renovations. When you hire a trustworthy contractor, you can rest assured that their insurance will cover any mishaps that take place.

They also know exactly which permits you are going to need for various projects and how to properly apply for those permits. If you happen to make a small mistake on your own, then you will most likely be responsible for all of the repair costs. Damaging your home might also void your insurance policy depending on exactly what took place.

Make the Most of Your Space

No matter how big your home might be, you always want to make sure that you are making the most out of the space you have. When it comes time to sell your property, most buyers are looking for homes that have abundant storage.



Maximizing your space to live simply can be as easy as building shelves into recessed walls or redoing your cabinets so that you have an extra few inches of storage. In order to make your home look larger, you must also take a closer look at the lighting. Windows and light tubes are relatively easy to install, and the extra light will make the rooms appear much larger than they really are.

Future-Proof Your Home

After the demolition has been carried out, you might as well think about future-proofing your home so that you don’t have to tear down walls or rip up carpeting in a few years. One of the best investments to make is to run cat6 cables to each of the rooms. These cables will give you outstanding upload and download speeds throughout your home, and they will most likely not be obsolete for at least 15 or more years.

You should also think about improving the insulation between the walls and around your water pipes. Rolls of insulation are generally very inexpensive, and they could end up saving you thousands a year.

Before starting any demolition, you need to make sure that you have all required permits. Most cities and counties have very strict rules regarding residential construction, and ignoring those rules could cost you thousands of dollars in fines and fees. When you first meet with your contractor, you should always ask if they are bonded, insured, and fully licensed to work in your state.

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