Striking Styles – 6 Tips For Setting Your Office Building Apart

Striking Styles – 6 Tips For Setting Your Office Building Apart
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    So, you’ve got your business, and you’ve got your staff, all you need now is an amazing office space to reflect what you and your business are all about!


Luckily in these times there are so many options for you to make your building stand out from the rest, you can even get some awesome and original metal cladding from

If you’re really wanting to make a difference with your building but are not sure where to start, here are some handy tips you can use when thinking about the original design of your office and office space.


The inside of an office building is just as important as the outside, even more so as this is where you and your staff will be working. You want it to be upbeat, so people can come to work in a positive mood. Painting the area all white leaves the office bright and open and also flexible for any other colours or decorations you want to add.

Non-conventional set up

Something that will really set apart your office building from the rest of them is how you set up your office space on the inside. Try to steer away from the conventional setup of cubicles and desk spaces, opt for a more communal area with one large table for everyone to do their work on, this will ensure that the office stays a friendly and open environment.


Whilst this is still a workplace and there still needs to be rules in place but as a progressive workplace you can be a bit relaxed with some rules such as how professional the clothing has to be. When people see your workers coming in and out of work they will see how much of a happy workplace the building is holding.


Don’t keep your new wave office using outdated technology. Keeping up with the latest technology will not only look good in your building but it will also ensure that your staff can get their jobs done efficiently without any struggles or technological setbacks.


One way to set your office building apart is to have a happy staff on the inside. If you reward your workers for all their hard work and effort, they’ll be sure to not only keep putting in their best effort but they’ll also come to work happily and in a positive attitude.  People will see this and set your building (and business) aside from the others. If you want to keep the good vibes really flowing then you should introduce end of week games to keep people motivated and ready to put their best efforts in.

The actual building

One thing that will set your office building apart from the rest is the actual building itself. You can decorate the inside however you like and have the happiest staff ever but if your building looks the exact same as every other from the outside then people will just take it for another building.

Try to find something different that will set you apart from the rest. Try finding a factory conversion, they usually have a huge space and will accommodate for a very open office plan and a bright office space.

Setting apart your building from the rest is one thing, but you want to be able to set your business and staff apart from the rest as well. Treating your workers with respect and encouraging a non-conventional work life will be the best pay to promote a progressive work lifestyle.



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