3 Luxury Home Features To Improve Your Lifestyle

3 Luxury Home Features To Improve Your Lifestyle
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    Many of us have been home a lot during 2020, and this may have left us feeling cramped or tired of our space.

    If you've decluttered, re-organized, or made other changes, you may just want a touch of luxury to get happy with your home again.


There are simple ways to add luxury to space you already have.

Create a Relaxation Room, Zone, or Time

If you already have an office, do your best to keep the space quiet. Install soft wall hangings to cut down on ambient noise echo. If the floor is solid, add a rug. Find a spot for a hanging hammock chair so you can get away from the computer and enjoy the room from another angle.

Within your relaxation room, set some rules. For example, you could require

  • Earbuds:

    Anybody in the space must have personal sound tools; no shared sounds allowed

  • Shoes off:

    Slippers are ok, but shoes are not allowed in the relaxation room. Soft feet = quiet room

  • A project:

    The relaxation room is not a place for questions or problems. Bring something to do, or find another spot

Make sure that light is available from a variety of sources. Add a table lamp, hanging light, or torchiere for anyone who wants to linger and read.

Store your knitting basket or other handicraft projects in this room. If needed, keep a small heater in the space so you can close the door when the rest of the house is noisy.

If a child wants to be read to, you can make allowances, but whenever possible, keep this spot for personal projects.

Treat Yourself to a Spa

The addition of a bubbly spot of luxury from the softub spa collection is actually quite simple. You’ll need a flat or at least level surface, water, and electricity. If you plan to site your spa out in the yard, make sure you have a good cover.

You’re better off putting it a bit further from the house and having room to get to the water and electricity than crowding it against your home and having to drain and move it. Consider investing in a base for your spa; it will protect the unit against damage on the bottom from any unevenness in your yard.

drop-in bathtubsfreestanding bathtub

      some bathtub ideas to consider      

Keep an eye out for branches, leaves, and other hazards when you site your spa. Leaves can be brushed off a cover, but if you have a tree that’s seen better days and is shedding branches, you’ll need to either get it trimmed up, get the tree removed, or put the spa elsewhere.

Make Space for a Sauna

No matter how small your house is, making room for a sauna can do wonders for your peace of mind, your physical health, and your ability to relax at the end of the day.

If you don’t have a spot for a standalone sauna, consider investing in a portable infrared sauna. While a wooden or an electric sauna heats the space and then the person, the portable infrared units heat the tissue directly.

You can find these units in sitting and lying down styles, so whether you need a sauna in the middle of the day to relax or at night to help you sleep, the portable infrared unit can easily be opened up and put away for your convenience.

For those who have the room to site an electric sauna, take care to put it over solid surface floorings, such as stone or tile. Should you live alone, consider setting up a check-in with a friend as taking a sauna can cause dizziness, and you don’t want to faint inside your sauna on your own.

other valuable tips:

Finally, your electric sauna will likely come with a timer. Use this feature so that in the event you fall asleep or get dizzy you don’t become dangerously dehydrated.


All three of these luxuries are based around heat, water, and quiet. Often, the simplest choices give us the deepest sense of satisfaction, which is a luxury in itself. However, luxuries are not frivolous.

If sitting in the hot tub helps your body and mind wind down to face another day, it will quickly become a necessity. If you struggle to sleep deeply, an infrared sauna is integral to your health. If some quiet time gives you the chance to mentally regroup, it’s actually good for your life’s work and your parenting ability.

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