How To Take Care of Your Cabinetry

How To Take Care of Your Cabinetry
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    Kitchen cabinets are important statement pieces in your kitchen.

    Without proper care, they can quickly become dirty, gross, and ineffective.


Here’s how to take care of your cabinetry to make sure they continue to be a high-end focal point of your kitchen space.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

You probably have a set schedule for how often your clean your home’s floors and counters. Now, set one for your cabinets too. Dust and grime can quickly build in such a heavily used space, so make sure to clean the exterior of your cabinets often and do a full interior and exterior clean every couple of months.

Exterior Cleaning

Grease and grime buildup can damage cabinets and destroy the look and feel of a kitchen. To remove buildup, wipe down cabinets using a soft cloth with warm water.

For tougher buildup, mix a little mild dishwasher soap with the water. Wipe down wood cabinets in the direction of the grain and use a soft cloth to remove any residual moisture that may be left on the cabinets.

For cabinets that haven’t been routinely cleaned, create a paste by mixing baking soda with water. Use the paste on a sponge and scrub the stain until it disappears, rinsing with water and drying with a soft cloth.

Applying Polish

Applying cabinet polish is an important step in how to take care of your cabinetry. After your cabinets are newly cleaned, applying a polish can make a big difference in keeping them clean and unharmed. Applying a thin coat of high-quality polish that does not contain silicone or wax will aid in protection from minor scratching, staining, and excessive moisture.

Repairing Scratches

For small scratches in wood cabinets, touch up repair kits can cover the small marks with a touch-up marker. You could also try rubbing the area with the meat of a nut, such as walnut or pecan, over the scratch. By doing so, the nut’s oil darkens the wood to hide the scratch.

wood cabinet cleanerwood cabinet polish

      some cabinet restoration ideas to consider      

For deeper scratches, it may be time to consider cabinet refacing to replace a scratched door without having to replace the entirety of your cabinetry.

Moisture, Temperature, and Light

Exposure to too much light, extreme temperatures, and excessive moisture will quickly deteriorate the quality of your cabinetry. Moisture is one of the worst enemies of any finish.

Cabinetry near the sink, dishwasher, and baseboards are most susceptible to excessive moisture problems. Dry off any areas immediately where water has spilled and avoid draping dish towels or other wet items over doors or placing coffee makers where steam vents directly onto cabinet surfaces.

other valuable tips:

Extremes temperatures and humidity can cause wood to expand and contract, swell or warp, and dry out—all possibly damaging the finish of your cabinetry. To avoid this, control the temperature in your house to make sure it is not too cold or too warm.

Even direct exposure to sunlight can have a damaging effect on your cabinets. Painted wood cabinets are susceptible to fading from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Window coverings help reduce or eliminate damage caused by exposure to direct sunlight.

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