7 Affordable & Stylish Home Decorating Tips

7 Affordable & Stylish Home Decorating Tips
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    Who can afford the work of an interior designer?

    Maybe you, but might this be something that you would rather do yourself?


You can, especially if you are a fan of HGTV and are an avid reader of interior design magazines that are peppered with tips. Well, after weeks of watching Design Star 2013 (congratulations, Tiffany Brooks), I can attest that you can give your room a stylish new look while staying within your budget. Read on for some tips on how to add new life to any room.

1. Color changes everything. Let there be paint. Yes, one of the easiest and most noticeable updates to any room has everything to do with the color of the walls. While white goes with everything, a bright contrasting color on one or more walls can make any room pop. Select the colors that are right for you and paint one, two or more walls in that pigment.

2. Make use of throws. Throws, or what you toss over a couch or a chair, can transform a seating area immediately. Thrift stores and other second-hand shops are great places to look, offering one-of-a-kind designs at a fraction of the price for new.

3. Shelving is always in. Homeowners are sometimes conflicted by their shelving, finding it difficult to reconcile a display built a generation ago with current design trends. If you have glass shelving you can bring in color by painting the underside of the the glass, choosing a bright color for a dramatic accent. You got tired of the glass shelves anyway, so paint it over to bring in some style.

4. Rotate your artwork. Just as the museums showcase different pieces of art, you can do likewise. Box up and put away pieces you’ve had on display for years and bring out new art to decorate your walls. If you’re fairly thin on your choices, consider your custom made pieces as well as family photos that can get framed and put on display. Pick up artwork at garage sales, thrift shops and from street vendors too — you can find some beautiful work at bargain prices.

5. Make use of mirrors. A limited budget can be overcome by strategically placing a mirror here and there. Mirrors make any room appear larger and can also help direct light to dark areas when strategically placed. Look beyond the mirror itself for frame designs that are a conversation piece just by itself.

6. Transform your windows. How do you decorate your windows? Are you using a swag, blinds or shears? Maybe it is time to consider floor-length panel curtains, what can add elegance to any room. Consider keeping the shears in place for those days that you want to let in the light without the peering eyes of a neighbor looking in.

7. Go with a vintage look. One thing you learn when watching Design Stars is that vintage definitely has its place in many homes. Hang an old quilt or a tapestry behind a bed. Put together a collage of family photos when your children were small and put this in the hallway. Or visit a garage sale and buy a series of paintings and display these along one wall. Fill glass jars with colorful pebbles or grains and display these on shelves and other surfaces.

Consider Accessories

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform a room is to update its accessories. New pillows, a change of shades, framed photographs and a collection of beach driftwood can add visual interest to a room. Add character to any room by bringing in the colors and textures you like.

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