Why Electronic Window Solutions May Be the Right Choice for Your Home

Why Electronic Window Solutions May Be the Right Choice for Your Home
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    How long have you been putting off addressing your window opening and closing options?


Depending on the size, style and window placement in your home you may or may not have thought about how amazing having an electronic window opener option would be rather than just the traditional manual options. If you have super high windows, skylights, domed windows or any type of difficult to reach window placement choosing an automation option could take a ton of hassle out of your day as well as providing added value to your home.

The Mechanics

How do these window options even work you may ask? It all depends upon what types of windows, vents, skylights, roof lights, domes, etc. that you are working with in your residence. Opening and closing the windows can be accomplished using either a chain actuator or a linear actuator. In general, the heavier the windows you should choose linear actuators, while the chain actuators work best for lighter weight and easier to reach window placements. Within these two different types of actuators there are numerous variations such as twin chain actuators, folding arm actuators, and more.

The mechanics of the installation and the options that you choose will depend on the specifications of each individual project. If all of this sounds foreign to you it is completely fine. You can research all your options online to find out what solutions are best for you. The mechanics of it all will be taken care of by the professionals that will be doing the installation.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to installing an electronic window solution in your home. Here are a just a few of them

  • Ease of Use and Convenience along with Push Button Control-simply press a button and your windows will open or close effortlessly
  • Design Value-the installation of an electronic system vs. manual will increase the overall aesthetic value of your home
  • Safety-no more climbing ladders to reach your skylights or domes!
  • Warranty-most companies that offer these types of installations and solutions for your home also offer warranties on their products as well as contracts that cover maintenance and service if there are any mechanical issues or things just aren’t working properly.

The End of DIY For Windows

In addition to the benefits listed above, you no longer should rely on searching the internet for DIY solutions for your hard to reach skylights, or floor to ceiling windows. Although there is a great deal of information out there in the DIY space that is completely implementable for any type of project in your home sometimes the added peace of mind knowing that you have left a bigger job in the hands of a professional is worth more than saving a few bucks doing in yourself. You can reserve your do it yourself project searches for other things while knowing that you made the best decision for a huge project in your household or office.



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