4 Ways to Make Your Next Renovation More Worthwhile

4 Ways to Make Your Next Renovation More Worthwhile
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    Renovating a house can be filled with trial and tribulation.

    If you have lived through one before, you may have sworn you will never do it again.


Then a few years go by and you realize the kitchen appliances are in sad shape, there are new things on the market that didn’t exist before and maybe your lifestyle has changed as well. Suddenly, you are thinking of doing it again. Here are a few tips for how to get more out of it.

Bring It Up to Standard for the Neighborhood

Find out what the norm is for houses in your neighborhood. If your house lacks something that most houses around you have, make sure to add it. For example, if your house still only has one bathroom, but most of your neighbors have two, a second bathroom should be high on your priority list. Bringing it up to standard for the neighborhood is one of the best ways to improve its resale value. This can help make the renovation pay for itself when the time comes to sell the house. It is practically money in the bank.

Gear Up

The Internet of Things is a hot topic. It covers a wide variety of items. If you aren’t very tech savvy, you may not know that this term includes home automation technology, also called "smart home" technology. Some companies, like reviews for ACN, know that including such tech in your home renovation is a great way to add convenience, potentially add to the resale value and also prepare for your senior years.

One of the big benefits of home automation is that it allows older people to keep their independence longer by taking some of the burden of common tasks off of them. It can do anything from automatically water the garden in a water-conserving way to start your coffee before you get up in the morning to turn on lights after dark for purposes of both physical safety (to prevent falls) and security (to prevent burglaries).

Design Away Some of the Maintenance Headaches

In addition to home technology making a house easier to keep, good design can also reduce the amount of time, money and effort involved in doing upkeep. Whether you are looking forward to your golden years or just trying to get through the time-crunch of raising kids during the prime of your work years, having a house that takes care of you instead of a house that takes all your time to take care of it can dramatically improve your quality of life for years to come. For example, brick exteriors do not need to be painted, metal roofs are lower maintenance than shingle roofs, and solid surface countertops are lower maintenance than tiled and grouted countertops.

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Avoid Adding Attractive Nuisances and Other Headaches

Having a swimming pool at home sounds like a great idea. The reality is very often not nearly as satisfying as the fantasy. Swimming pools are not only expensive to install and both expensive and time consuming to maintain, they are an attractive nuisance that can bring unwanted attention of the wrong kind from acquaintances. On top of all that, they have an extremely poor rate of return when the house is sold. You will never get your money back on a pool. So, stop and think before committing to unnecessary additions that you might end up regretting later.

Our primary residence is central to both our financial health and our quality of life on a day to day basis. A renovation that both helps pay for itself and frees up time and energy can be enormously worthwhile.

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