How to turn your garage into perfect DIY workshop

How to turn your garage into perfect DIY workshop
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    You don’t have to feel bad about yourself if you use your garage as storage for every single thing that you hoarded over the years but never use.

    Most people do this and you’re not alone.


But, if you’re tired of going through a pile of stuff just to get something that you actually need, maybe it’s time for a change. The garage space can be used for a much more efficient and creative purpose.

Clean up the junk

Get everything out. Literally everything. This step is actually most time-consuming and tedious but if you manage to go through with it, you’ll get yourself a clean fresh start. Once you get the stuff out of the garage, you should carefully inspect everything and – this is very important – get rid of things that you don’t use. If you haven’t touched something for years or never even thought about using it for some DIY project, you don’t need it. You can even organize a garage sale and in that way earn yourself a certain amount of money that will cover some expenses for your garage transformation.

Take care of the interior

Once everything is cleared out and you’re left with the necessary stuff only, it’s time to deal with the interior. Clean the garage itself – tend to the floor, walls and windows. If necessary, paint the walls again. The wonders of a fresh coat of paint shouldn’t be underestimated. Also, make sure that all your outlets are safe and replace them if necessary. If there’s an insulation problem, analyze your best options. Repair the windows and any possible air leaks. Investing money in air condition is a good option for both warm and cold days. Still, if the garage is cool enough for the summer, you might be able to get away with a portable heater during the winter.

Install sufficient lighting

Garages are usually dark and most of them have only one light hanging from the ceiling and a small window. If you plan to work on some DIY projects in your garage, you need good lighting solutions. Invest your money in LED lights and strips because you’ll be able to place theme wherever you want and need, and in the long run, they will prove to be more cost-efficient as well. Well-lit garage is not only important for the eyes but is essential for safety as well, especially when you work with some relatively dangerous gadgets such as saws.

Proper workbench

The main part of any workshop is a sturdy workbench. Therefore, this is something that you should pay the most attention to. You can make your own workbench, or buy one, but it’s essential to check whether it’s made of durable material, able to resist the vibrations and pressure as well as efficient in its design. It’s important to check whether the height of the bench is appropriate for your own height and place it somewhere you’ll find it most practical.

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Effective storage solutions

In a good workshop, you need to establish proper organization of all the necessary tools and other gadgets that you would use for your projects. It would be wise to have a special place for everything. Cabinets, shelves and pallet racking are some of the best storage options when it comes to garage and tools, but you can also utilize the walls and provide yourself with even more cable and gadget storage options. If everything is kept neat and tidy, your DIY workshop will become a great place to improve your home.

Of course, in order to successfully transform your garage into a workshop, you’ll not only need to take care of the mess and interior, but get yourself the necessary tools and gadgets if you don’t already own everything you need. Once the work and preparations are complete, you can get crafty with many online and magazine ideas on how to upgrade your home.

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