4 Easy Fixes for a More Organized Garage

4 Easy Fixes for a More Organized Garage
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    A messy garage makes it really difficult to park the car during inclement weather or work on a project.

    But finding the space to put all of the things that are stored in there isn't easy.


Luckily, there are some great ways that can help keep things a little neater and more organized without breaking the bank.

Use Your Old Buckets

Old buckets that once held several gallons of dried goods can be cleaned up and repurposed for the garage. They are perfect for holding rakes, brooms, and even spare wood scraps. And the handles on them can be used to hang the buckets up on the wall to keep the floor clean. Just be sure to clean the buckets first, so your possessions don’t get grimy. And remember, if the items stored inside the buckets can’t be seen from over the top, be sure to label the contents on the side in large letters. This will help prevent you from having to pull down several buckets just to find what you are looking for.

Put up Some Pegboard

Every garage design should include this inexpensive type of organizing product. Pegboard is sold in large sheets at most lumber stores, and it can be cut with a saw to fit any area easily. When it is mounted on the wall, special pegboard hooks can be put into the holes that are predrilled into it. Then, all of your small possessions can be hung from the hooks, so you can find them more easily. Pegboard is perfect for organizing various types of small tools, tape, and other miscellaneous items that are usually shoved into boxes or lost.

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Add Some Shelves

Shelves can be put in a multitude of places throughout a garage. If there are rafters above, then wooden boards can be put over them to make overhead storage. Old belts can be stapled to the wall with a wooden slat strung through them for a shelf too. But bookshelves that are no longer needed for the house make some of the best types of storage because they are so sturdy. They are great for holding power tools, boxes of Christmas ornaments, or other items cluttering up the space.

Hang it Overhead

Large, strong hooks are perfect for adding some overhead storage in discreet spots of the garage. For instance, you can string a bungee cord through the wheel of a bicycle and put it up above onto a hook. That way all of your bikes are put away for the colder portion of the year, but easily accessible for when the spring and summer finally rolls around. The hooks are also great for holding other large objects that are normally shoved into the corners, such as weed zippers and large garden tools.

Just be sure to space the hooks wide enough apart, so the objects don’t get too crowded. When you install the hooks, remember to insert them into the wooden studs of the house frame or other exposed beams. Regular drywall is not strong enough to support heavy objects.

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Concluding Remark

It is much easier to keep an area tidy if isn’t overwhelmed with too many things. So even though it is a lot of work, the entire garage must be gone through. Sort out all of the things that you no longer want or that are broken. Then, either throw them away or give them to a charity that can use them. This includes any of your projects that you have been wanting to finish for years, but never find the time for, and old clothing that is several sizes too small. If the garage is too overwhelmed with things, then consider getting a dumpster dropped for your big cleaning day.

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