Different Types of Common Gardening Tools for DIY Projects

Different Types of Common Gardening Tools for DIY Projects
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    For most of us in the cities, gardening is mostly a stress breaker activity.

    For a few who have regular office jobs, this seems to be a favorite pass time.


Gardening is a fantastic family activity that lets parents spend some quality time with their kids.

  • Many people do not have the idea about the proper gardening tools, so they feel hesitant even if they want to start gardening.
  • The right tools can utilize the best part of the soil, they help in clearing out weeds and keeping flower beds clean, and they also help to regenerate new plants, as these tools scoop out unwanted portion of dry soil. Long gone are those days, when you had to ask professionals for your gardening help.
  • Thanks to the various types of tools and accessories, now you can simply take good care of your garden, using these variant gardening tools. All you have to do is just gain basic information about the types of gardening tools for your garden. These tools overlap with a wide range of horticulture and agricultural products.

Importance of forks and spades

The most important gardening tools, which you must have in your list, are spades and forks. These products are the bases of every gardening need. These are primarily used for planting, digging and harvesting plants in their primary locations. These products are available in different types, and each comes with different specifications. You need to be sure of the shaft length and handle, and choose the comfortable ones.

Some of the significant ones, which are majorly used, are listed below for your help

  • Standard spade is the most original and basic one used. It comprises 11 inches X 8 inches’ blade. It is best known for working on larger areas in an effective manner.
  • If you are looking for other options, border fork is the best. It comprises narrower and shorter tines, which are available in four types. This is quite lighter than other forks and best suited for tight areas.
  • Border spade is also a smaller version of blade, which is lighter to work with. This is suitable for digging in small gardens.
  • Another handy tool for garden lovers is the ‘digging fork’. It has four 12 inches long tines, sometime known as pongs. This is best suited for heavy cultivation.

Which are the popular planting tools?

For dealing with some of the delicate tasks, you can procure planting tools. This is for the saplings and seedlings.  It makes your job easier.

Trowel is one such perfect tool, which is used for digging planting holes. The blades of trowel are short, and the variation remains in the width.

  • Hand fork is mainly three-pronged with plastic handle or a wooden one. For purposes like planting or weeding, you need the handle with sturdiness.
  • Dibber is another example of planting tool, which is used for picking out seedlings. It is made of metal, plastic or wooden elements.

Must-have items for gardening

Apart from the types of gardening tools already mentioned above, hoes and rakes form another important variation in this section. This kind of set is divided into various sub-categories; wooden rake, metal rake, push hoe and draw hoe with swan-neck. The rakes have fork like mouth, which helps in digging the earth deep. You might even have to add net and canes in your gardening checklist. Some basic types over here are pea sticks, bamboo canes, nylon netting and chicken wire. Add these tools in your kitty, and you will love gardening.

There are different types of gardening tools that are now available in online gardening tool portals, and you can buy these tools after checking your requirement and the price list.

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