Metal Fire Pits: Adding Spark to Your Backyard

Metal Fire Pits: Adding Spark to Your Backyard
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    Since the persistence of cold weather may limit our outside fun activities, you can fight the chilly air with a fire pit that creates a pleasantly warm and snuggly atmosphere.

    However, even when the sun goes down on a lengthy summer day, you can still gather your family and friends around this place of coziness and warmth.


These wonderful installations come in a number of sizes, shapes and styles, and they top it by being focal point and party feature for everyone’s garden. We have compiled a selection of practical tips and information that deal with all aspects of this amazing exterior element.

Fuel Choices

There are several ways to get the flames up, and for that we need to deliberate on the specific traits of each option available. We have here the top three most frequent fuel choices you can pick for different models of modern metal fire pits:

  • Gas is a popular source, and a propane version demands low upkeep and it’s fairly simple to extinguish and ignite. The beauty of propane is that is generally cost-effective and environmentally sound. Still, its tank needs to be replaced from time to time.
  • Wood and its adequate models effortlessly give off an outdoor camping feel to the audience. The flame wood produces can come in different colors, and the wood itself is a handy source of fuel fit for movable items. Of course, cleaning is a must after you use it. Also, the ignition process might be a bit of challenge.
  • Charcoal is an alternative for people who are already using the wood-burning model. Talk about roasting juicy meats on this pit! This one also requires regular maintenance.


Contemporary metal fire pits are constructed in various forms, and thus make our selection of style a breeze. They can masterfully accommodate your signature taste. These are the most common designs:

  • Braziers are of modest design and represent a sort of a flashback from the ancient era when fire pits were used exclusively for heating, illumination of rooms and cooking. You can combine a few of these together for a unique effect.
  • Portable models are usually minted ceramic or metal and typically have wheels and legs too. Their main convenience is movability to a designated place.
  • Table design is quite extravagant and edgy, since your guess are right next to the flame source while they’re sipping on their drinks or eating their meal.
  • Bowl is a very contemporary and classy model that never goes out of style. The bowl part supports an underneath stand. The clean and alcohol based gel fuel is compatible with this type.

Materials and Maintenance

Let’s start with the plain copper solution. Copper is characterized by sturdiness and appealing look. Truth be told, it does demand higher maintenance than other types of metals or alloys due to its tarnish-prone nature. Don’t let it get wet! Dry it out, clean it and keep it covered until next use.

When cleaning is in question, there are adequate copper cleaning agents on the market. Make sure to drill some drainage holes if your model is not equipped with it already. Extra tip: Weather-repelling covers are a good protection from the elements.

Fire pits in stainless steel are a wonderful landscaping addition for the gardens and backyards, especially for the ones with steel borderlines.

Apart from introducing an aesthetic excellence, stainless steel is rust-free and a solid material option.

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The design you may pick relies heavily on the intended use, such as cooking or decorative pieces. All in all, they are veritable stars of any property area.

Safety Regulations

You need to consider the related aspects as well if you plan to obtain some model of metal fire pit. Firstly, fire is a dangerous element and there are certain regulations and restrictions that prescribe fire pit use, go ahead and study them carefully. Similarly, get rid of the inflammable bits around the fire pit premises as well. Lastly, ensure they are never left unattended.

As you can see, modern metal fire pits are a brilliant way not only to revive your backyard, but your entire home as well. Figure out your perfect match with our tips and start enjoying some quality time around fire with your loved ones.

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