Modern Homes: Embracing Modular Home Technology

Modern Homes: Embracing Modular Home Technology
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    When it comes to construction, modern day technology has revolutionized the way we perceive the whole idea of construction.

    From rapid-drying concrete to modern thermal insulation systems, technology has spiked up the pace at which homes can be constructed.


This article was written under the guidance of modular home experts from AMS Group. Modular home types differ from one company to another, but these tips are universally available, no matter of geographical location, market trends, financial factors or property size.

When it comes to construction, modern day technology has revolutionized the way we perceive the whole idea of construction. From rapid-drying concrete to modern thermal insulation systems, technology has spiked up the pace at which homes can be constructed. Included in this list of innovative construction methods is the modular home technology – a cost-effective solution for constructing a house.

Modular Technology 101

Also called a prefabricated (or prefab) home, a modular home is constructed inside a factory, in parts. Instead of starting construction work on-site, parts of the modular home are constructed in a controlled factory environment and assembled on-site effectively. Once assembled, the final product is as efficient and sturdy as if it had been constructed on-site from scratch. The interesting thing about modular homes is that they are usually fairly cost-effective and easy to install in comparison to conventional constructed units. Modern day technology is mostly about cost-saving and extreme efficiency, which makes this a worthy choice for home enthusiasts.

Stepping Forward: Exploring Inner Mechanics

To clearly understand prefab homes, home owners need to understand how they are different from conventionally constructed homes. Here is what experts have to say.

First, because they are constructed indoors, it takes a reasonably lower construction time to build all the parts in the factory. Where conventional home construction takes months to finish off, prefab construction is usually completed within weeks. This reduced construction time is beneficial for the construction cycle as a whole, benefiting both consumers and producers in terms of lower costs.

Second, modular homes take the advantage of a controlled environment and are not affected by factors such as weather or unexpected hazards (earthquake or floods). Modular homes follow standard codes, procedures and quality adjustments mainly because they are a product of a controlled environment. On-site construction practices may or may not be as exquisite or sleek, in comparison. But one thing that prospective home-owners need to be careful about is the missing link: the market offers a variety of choices in the category of prefab constructions. Home owners are just not always aware of them! Due to a lack of research on the part of potential customers, market inequalities have a tendency to take advantage of the buyer’s lack of knowledge. Research is thus extremely important and necessary.

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Results: How a Prefab Home Turns Out

In terms of durability, prefab or modular homes are fairly durable, contrary to popular belief. The skepticism that comes alongside the idea of a modular home is countered by the extreme durability that these homes have to offer. Modular homes are as sturdy as conventionally constructed ones probably because of strict quality control procedures attached to the procedure itself.

Additionally, modular homes come with options of both customization and remodeling. Just because the components of a typical prefab home are constructed in a factory, it does not necessarily imply homogeneity. Prefab homes come with the option of styles, colors, flooring, height, width etc. All prefab structures can be customized according to consumer budget and preferences.

On another plus side, there is always the option of remodeling and restructuring. If a customer wishes to add a half bathroom or refurbish the kitchen, they can start by hiring a contractor to determine foundation strength and structure ability for the remodeling. In this case, the home owner should inform the remodeling company that the nature of his house is modular.  

The Overall Idea

Investing in new and innovative technological systems in any field of life meets a certain degree of skepticism in the initial stages. As modular home owners, there might come a time where we need to explain the whole process to buyers or real estate agents by quoting personal experiences. People are afraid that prefab homes are ‘shaky’ and less durable in case of natural or man-made hazards. Then again, is there such thing as a perfectly durable material?

The difference between traditional and prefab home owners is that the last are patient and extremely knowledgeable about their homes, while the first are in an unknown territory. While the personal preferences of property owners aren’t discussed here, if the home owner in you wants to embrace the new technology, there isn’t a single reason out there why you should not do it.

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