Home Improvement: Signs You Should Replace Your Roof

Home Improvement: Signs You Should Replace Your Roof
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    Over time, roofs wear down and need replacing or repairing, which is what makes it necessary to inspect older roofs for signs of wear and tear.

    A variety of signs indicate that the roof may need to be replaced.


The following are some of the most common to look for when checking the roof for damage.

Sagging in the Roof

If the roof is sagging or curved, it is almost a certainty that a new roof is needed. Sagging is an indication that the structure of the roof has weakened. Moisture is the most common reason for sagging. It can also be caused by heavy snow or ice.

Shingles that Curl or Buckle

According to A Clark Roofing & Siding Ltd., extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, roof age and rain are the main reasons why shingles begin to curl or buckle. Poor insulation can also cause roof shingles to bulge or coil. Once the shingles have become warped, they can easily split, break and crack from the force of wind or ice buildup. Once roof shingles curl or buckle, they are no longer useful and need to be replaced.

Check for Missing Shingles

Missing shingles strongly indicate that the roof is in a stage of decay. High winds, snow and leaks are typically the main reasons for missing shingles. A new roof will most likely be needed if shingles are missing. However, keep in mind that sometimes shingles just happen to fall off the roof over time, especially if they have dealt with high winds and other forms of bad weather. With that said, many times you can just replace the shingles, but make sure that you check the condition of your roof before doing so.

Look For Shingle Granules

Granules help weatherproof the roof and protect it from damage from the sun. In addition, they help keep rain and snow from seeping into the house. As the roof ages, the granules shed. If dark or black spots appear in the roof or if excessive amounts of granules are found in the gutters, it is definitely time for a new roof.

Sunlight Shining Through Roof Boards

Check the attic to see if there is any daylight shining through the roof. If sunlight peers through any area of the roof and if there are any signs of a moisture problem such as mold, mildew or structural damage due to moisture, it is obvious that the roof needs replacing.

Age of the Roof

Generally, a roof will last for about two decades. If the roof is older than that, it is a good idea to have it replaced for safety reasons. Older roofs are dangerous and could collapse at any time and cause major damage. Another thing to consider is if the roof was at one time installed over another roof layer, if so, it is time to consider installing a new roof.

These are all common indications that point to issues with the roof. When these signs occur, it is highly recommended that they are not overlooked and that the roof is replaced as soon as possible for safety reasons and to avoid future problems.



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