Money Well Spent: Luxurious Options to Consider for Your Next Renovation Project

Money Well Spent: Luxurious Options to Consider for Your Next Renovation Project
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    Whether you're renovating your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers or simply to beautify your living space, adding a few touches of luxury is a great way to upgrade your property.


Many architects are now incorporating modern gadgets into their interior design to make homes as functional as they are beautiful, and modern technology has changed the way we use our homes. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to bring your home into the 21st century, the following luxury upgrades will soon make you the envy of all your friends.


An indoor fireplace is perhaps one of the oldest and best luxury items that should be included in any home renovation project. Real, wood burning fireplaces are considered to be the most attractive option, but if your budget or house doesn’t suit them there are other options. Wood effect fireplaces can look almost as good as the real thing and generate surprising levels of heat. A gas fireplace complete with ceramic logs is also far more economical but doesn’t offer the same authenticity as a roaring wood fire.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are the least expensive luxury item that you can install that still has a big impact on the ambience of your home. Simple dimmer switches can be picked up at any home improvement store and are generally easy to install. However, the next generation of dimmer switches require a little extra know how. Modern light switches can be controlled using a remote control or even an iPhone and offer all sorts of cool extras such as USB ports and motion sensors.

Under-floor Heating

Under-floor heating, or radiant heating, is the ultimate in luxury renovations and provides a surprisingly economical method to heat your home. Radiant heating works by pumping hot water through a network of tubes buried underneath your flooring allowing the heat to slowly rise up and create an even air temperature. As well as saving you money on your heating bill, under-floor heating helps you reduce your carbon footprint by using far less energy than conventional systems.

Home Bar

Staying in is the new going out, so an entertaining space complete with a home bar makes a nice feature for your home. A home bar can easily be built into a kitchen cabinet or living room furniture in smaller homes, or you can designate an entire room of your home for drinking, pool games and general merriment.

Solar Panels

If your home benefits from a lot of natural light, then installing solar panels onto the exterior of your home allows you to generate clean, renewable energy for free. Most solar panels are designed to sit on top of your roof to catch as much sunlight as possible, but there are some modern options that are less unsightly. Solar windows feature clear solar cells that harvest sunlight and convert it to energy to power your home. Many people now look for features such as solar panels when deciding to purchase a home, and you can check out property listings on Hamptons International to see what different properties have to offer.

Charging Station

A charging station is an essential item in the modern home and is a great way to hide all those unsightly cables. Many kitchen designers now build a charging station into a draw or cupboard complete with connections for a range of items such as iPods, phones, laptops and cameras. However, you can install a charging station in just about any room in your house, and it is especially useful for those with young children.

There are a number of ideas for energy-efficient homes. After your read, please give a quick comment/share and then jump over of our home green energy center for ideas and additional sources.

Rainfall Shower

Rainfall shower heads have been gaining in popularity over the last few years as they offer the ultimate in bathroom luxury as well as an aesthetically pleasing design. Rainfall showers are often mounted into the ceiling of your bathroom and feature many small water jets to simulate the feeling of natural rainfall. Modern designs come with built-in LED lighting to turn your bathroom into a home spa.

Renovating your home not only helps to make it more attractive, certain projects can help to increase its value. Most potential buyers look for features such as new kitchens or bathroom suites, but smaller details can also help to sway their decision. Always seek the help of a professional builder when renovating your home if you do not have experience of home remodeling. Poorly carried out renovation work can scare off potential buyers and often costs thousands of pounds to put right. 

Oliver Corrigan has experience working in a team of high-end property developers and likes to share his renovation insights with an online audience. He writes for a number of property-related websites.



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