Home Improvement Ideas for When Planning to Renovate Your Staircase

Home Improvement Ideas for When Planning to Renovate Your Staircase
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    There are many aspects to be taken into consideration when renovating your staircase, including the material it is made from, balustrading, the use of carpeting, and the location of the staircase itself.


When renovating and decorating the home, many individuals forget the importance of the staircase. This is very much a focal point of your home, as it is usually one of the first things you see as you enter the house. It also plays a prominent role in the fixtures and fittings, especially if situated in an open plan room. So here are some ideas for you to consider if you are thinking about renovating your staircase.

What materials should it be made of?

  • Wood – The use of timber is always a good choice, as it is relatively cheap and easy to work with. If you want your stairs to be uncovered, make sure that you use high quality and hard wearing wood, such as oak or beech. They do cost a little more but will last longer.
  • Glass – The use of glass and acrylic is becoming increasingly popular. Both are incredibly strong, although glass is the better option as it is less prone to scratches. Glass really does add a contemporary feel to the staircase. When teamed with light and bright colors it can also open up a space and make natural light flow more freely. The only downside is cost, as buying this type of safety glass is quite expensive.
  • Metal – The use of metal in staircases is slowly being seen in the home. It was always thought of as an industrial material, but that view is shifting. Metal is perfect for use on spiral staircases and is relatively inexpensive.

Spindles, handrail and balusters

Balustrading is the term used for the spindles, handrail and balusters that form the safety aspect of the staircase. These are often what help to give the staircase character and can be made from a variety of different materials. Wood is the most traditional and is usually used alongside a wooden staircase, especially when made of timber.

You can also be quite adventurous and use colored glass panels, and even metal balusters. It just needs to be in keeping with the overall decor and theme of your home.

The use of carpet and carpet runners

If you do not want your stairs to be exposed and want the added warmth of carpet, then there is a whole new world to explore. Your choice of carpet very much depends on your own personal choice. Stripes or plain? Textured or thick pile? You may choose to buy a light shade of carpet to lighten up a dark and dingy hallway, or alternatively you may decide to buy a patterned carpet in which you can hide muddy footprints, especially if you have children. Houzz.com has a wonderful article on carpet design ideas that will give you further inspiration, it can be found here; http://www.houzz.com/carpet-stairs.

Where is the staircase situated?

This also plays a vital role in how you want the overall look to be. If the staircase opens up into the middle of the living room then you want it to complement the color schemes and overall feel of that room. If the staircase is situated in the kitchen and will be used frequently, then you may decide to have a spiral staircase which will take up less room. It all depends on personal preference and what works best for you.

Just consider where the staircase will be situated as this will make a difference on your choices of fabrics, materials and color scheme.

Hopefully these helpful tips and ideas will help to guide and inspire you when considering how to renovate the staircase in your home. If you have found these tips helpful in any way, please do share with friends via social media so that they too can be inspired. It’s always good to share ideas with others.



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