Creating Enticing Entry Ways – All the Tips Necessary

Creating Enticing Entry Ways – All the Tips Necessary
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    Entry ways or foyers are the first point of contact between visitors and your home.

    You may not think much about them when redecorating or making a few changes to your house or apartment, but using some great creativity in this particular area of the house can have a massive impact on visitors.


The real question here is: how do you give your home that “wow” factor right from the start of your home?

Here are some great ideas:

Follow the design of your house

First and foremost, ensure that your foyer is an extension of your unique style and that it echos the design of the rest of your house. If your house indicates the kind of person you are, let your entry way be a big, welcoming “Hello! This is me!” to your guests.

Glamorous Design

If your house has that glamorous feel, then maybe you would like to include some mirrors and some gold gilt to your entrance. Mirrors are also an important addition to consider if your entry way is small, as it will increase the sense of space in your house.

Classic Contemporary Design

If your house is classic contemporary, consider going for some tiling in little black and white tiles with white walls and some elegant pot plants. Nothing says “welcome” in quite that stately manor as chic but simple foyers in monotones.

Relaxed Design

Alternatively, if your house has a relaxed, cottagey feel, then consider some pots with dried grass, a coat stand and some basic earthy hues in the foyer.

If you want some really good inspiration, look at this website for adding a bit of “oomph” to your entrance way:

Look at your focus points

In every entry way you should have a focus point that draws your guests into your house, captures attention, indicates the style of the house and the kind of person you are.

Many people go for paintings. These are particularly versatile; any style of painting can be chosen for your home.

Modern Edgy Look

Consider abstract, color shaded images for a modern edgy look. Paintings that defy definition, but play with subtle hues can create a great contemporary welcome to you and your guests.

Elegant Look

For houses that ooze elegance, think about having a stately round table in the entrance way (of course this is if space permits) and top it with a large vase of beautiful flowers or wonderful feather plumes.

Trendy Look

Houses that are more trendy tend to go for art posters, particularly pop art with alternative designs. These are good when used in groups and are an inspirational idea for small entrance spaces.

Remember, get your guests to focus on your entrance. This invites guests to relax and “feel” the rest of the house.

Take a look at This website has a myriad of ideas for any style of entrance way. As they say, “add some fizz to your foyer”.

Consider color

Nothing says “this is my home!” more than color.

The color or hue you chose for your hallway will set a tone for the rest of your house. Many people live in apartments now days and it can be difficult to add color to these spaces without smothering the space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a bit edgy. Try painting one wall red or yellow. This adds impact to any trendy apartment.

Stick to white, pale colors or light browns for stately entrance ways. Remember, nothing says “playful” like pastels in pink, blue and green. These will always add a spring look to your house, filling it with charming energy and freshness. – take a look at this site for a multitude of design ideas. The great thing about this site is that it can give you some good guidance for other areas of your home too!


This is not easy to gauge. The cost will depend on how much you want to spend really. A pot of paint and a picture probably wont set you back too much. But, loads of orchids, mirrors, and if you want, re-tiling, is going to be heavy on your pocket. Think about all these factors when you make your decision to up scale your foyer.


Entry ways are important features of any home. Don’t neglect them or not consider them worth investing in them. Make sure they are attractive if for no other reason than you wanting to feel invited into your own home. Now that you have some ideas, go a bit mad and get that foyer to sizzle!

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