Home Moving Mini-Guide for Packing Up Your Personal Possessions

Home Moving Mini-Guide for Packing Up Your Personal Possessions
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    Moving? If you want to save money, one of the best ways to do that is to pack your own things instead of having the movers do it as an “add on” service.

    Here are a few tips to get you started.


Choose a Date Off The Month End

The busiest times of the year to move are June, July, and August. Don’t move during these months. And, if you have to move during these months, choose a date that’s not the end of the month. The last weekend in each of these months is always the busiest and, consequently, the most expensive.

Also, don’t plan on moving in on your “closing” day for the new home. Sometimes, there are delays that will push the move-in date back and you don’t want to move out of your old place only to find out that you’re not homeless.

Get Started Early

If you’ve been eyeing these homes for sale, you probably have been doing something you didn’t consciously realize – you were looking ahead.

That’s also a good thing to do when you’re packing for the big day. You wouldn’t buy a home without doing a ton of research and preparation. Why would you pack your home at the last minute?

Start 3 months in advance. Pack up things you’re unlikely to use prior to the move. Then, 2 to 4 weeks out, have a garage sale. You will be amazed at the amount of stuff you don’t need anymore. Get rid of things like propane tanks, BBQ grills, aerosols, any flammable liquids, paints, and any hazardous materials like ammunition or explosives.

Almost no moving company will move these items for you.

Get Rid Of Paints and Flammable Stuff

Paints and flammables are especially important items to get rid of. They pose a danger not only to your stuff, but to other peoples’ things as well. Many moving companies bundle your move with other peoples’ items.

This saves them on transportation costs but it also increases the company’s potential liability. To decrease the risk of one person damaging everyone’s property, moving companies often place restrictions on what they will pack and move. Flammables are almost always prohibited.

Pack Up Curtains and Drapes Yourself

Movers do not pack drapes. You will have to take stuff down from walls and the ceiling. One of the reasons movers don’t like ripping stuff off the walls is because they don’t want the added liability of damaging something.

This is especially true if you’re moving out of an apartment and into a new home. Movers don’t want to have to pay for fixing something or patching holes.

Protect Valuables

Protect your own valuables by wrapping them in protective bubble wrap or boxing them up in protective containers before the move.

Take Your Own Inventory

The moving company will take an inventory, but you should take your own. That way, there’s no discrepancy between what you have on your inventory and what movers have on theirs.

Make Sure Someone Comes Out To Your Home For A Visual Inspection

Never trust a mover that doesn’t come out to your home for an estimate. When they give you estimates over the phone, they will always be way off. They will either pad the bill or they will under-quote you so that, when the movers come, they can extract more money from you during the move – effectively holding your belongings hostage.

Negotiate On Price, Get Everything In Writing

Always get everything in writing before you sign anything. If a moving company won’t give you a quote, and terms and conditions in writing before the move, move on and find a company that will. Period.

Ann Munoz has held a variety of prominent positions related to real estate throughout her career. She enjoys being able to share her ideas and advice online. Her thoughts and observations have been posted on a number of property related websites.

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