Five Uses of Space that Will Transform Your House

Five Uses of Space that Will Transform Your House
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    Home improvement does not always involve renovations.

    If it is does, it does not have to be at hilariously high costs.


Think of it, when seeking to remodel a house, most people are looking for just a change or a more appealing eye effect. At a considerably low cost, this can be achieved by better use of space in one’s house. Space in modern home structuring is invaluable. However, it can actually be created in an already existing house in these five ways:

One, use of color

Look for brighter, shinier or more reflective colors. These radiate out light onto other surfaces which equally reflect it out. This is the opposite of absorbent colors which make a house feel and look dull. Increased light in the house creates the illusion of spaciousness and infinity. It is a trick with worthwhile results.

Two, use open ceilings

Dense atmosphere in the house not only collapses its space but also diminishes its beauty. Open ceilings let in light into the house and create an outdoor effect inside the house. Infinity is a space creator you might want to look into. Feeling connected to the outdoors is a big part of the infinity concept.

Three, use more glass doors and windows

The outdoors flow into the house while the inside stays well lit. Further, the house looks more spacious without walls on all four sides. While on this, larger doors and windows go a long way. Where glass doors may not be appropriate, enlarge the windows. Both create a seamless continuity of the inside and the outside, creating an illusion of more space. Well, it’s all about the wow effect it causes.

Four, re-arrange your house

Preferably have it done by a home decor professional or artist. If you insist on doing it on your own, this can help. Have furniture leaning towards the outer parts of the room (towards the walls). An emptier center makes a room look less crowded. The center can have something like a center rug or a glass table – that breaks the emptiness and still has the same effect of creating space.

Five, maximize on built-ins

Walls can keep away a lot. Whether it’s cabinets, book shelves, wardrobes or wine racks, built-ins are your friend. With this, you have more space available which completely changes the look of a house. Tip: You can use the created space for floral or art displays, or simply let space be a stand alone decor concept.



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