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Rental Sweet Rental

Tweet Renovations are simple enough to talk about when you own your home and have creative free reign to remove walls, update your windows, replace those old radiators, and rip

Home Security

Six Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Increase Safety And Security

Tweet This will involve taking measures to increase security and safety and also securing your household and all the things within it. There are various changes that you can apply

Home Safety

Seven Essentials Every Homeowner Needs to Protect Their Home

Tweet Below are seven essentials every homeowner needs to protect their home. 1. Proper Home Insurance Coverage One thing that can certainly protect your family and your home is quality


Area Rugs: A Quick, Cost-Effective Way to Change the Look of Your Room

Tweet There is a number of way how a new rug can upgrade a room. You can even use two or three rugs of different color and achieve somewhat of

Tools and Materials

The Evolution of the Hammer

Tweet However, how has this modern-day hammer evolved from the first tool that was used by early man? The Early Days of the Hammer The use of a hammer originally

Roofing and Gutters

Home Roofing Corner – What Can I Do Myself and What Do I Need Help With?

Tweet Yes, you can do all the work for yourself but there are a number of pretty good reasons why you should leave this endeavor to a Salt Lake City

Green Home

Top 5 Trendy Green Living Sustainable Houses

Tweet Along with the increasing numbers of people who are looking forward to minimize the environmental impact as well as financial outlay by outfitting their homes, there has been observed

News Releases

The Impact of Organic Waste

Tweet This might seem like a lot, but consider how much organic waste is produced in America each year. The current numbers for municipal solid waste (garbage from homes, offices

Home Renovation

Blending the Old with the New: The Best Renovation Tips for Old Colonial Homes

Tweet Many old colonial homes need a lot of TLC when it comes to making functional updates, however, you can still maintain the classic colonial look. Keep reading for a


Getting Your Home Ready for Spring from the Ground Up

Tweet Inviting temperatures and refreshing breezes have you flinging open windows and readying your tool belt? Then it’s time to create a plan and start tackling that honey-do list. Just

Home Lighting

Six Tips To Bring In More Natural Light Into Your Home

Tweet While most homes have at least a few large windows, there are tips to increase the light that comes through. Additionally, windows are not the only route to increasing

Exterior Home

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal this Year

Tweet Whether you are seeking to sell your current home or just increase curb appeal for aesthetic reasons, there are several things you can do to freshen up your home’s


Finding Room in Your Budget for Renovations

Tweet This monumental occasion often leaves homeowners wandering the halls of their newfound responsibility, excitedly deciding just howthey will make it a reflection of their style and tastes. Your house,

Home Security

Six Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Increase Safety And Security

Tweet Here are six simple changes you can make that does not exhaust your resources. Check Your Home Detectors As a homeowner, make sure your property is installed with smoke

Home Repairs

Home Disasters: Ideas for Temporary Fixes for Big Problems

Tweet In many cases, what you need is a quick fix to prevent the already existing damage from leading to more serious problems and ultimately greater expense. That way you

Just Bath

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub in Ship Shape

Tweet There are four things you can do to maintain the healthy environment you want your hot tub to be. Drain And Clean Hot Tubs Regularly According To The Manufacturer

Living/Family Room

5 Steps To Successful Living Room Remodeling

Tweet The only problem is that you don’t really know where or how to begin the project. Realizing this happens all too often with many homeowners or apartment dwellers, our

Home Interior

Simple Projects That Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

Tweet Kitchen Update The kitchen is one area that greatly affects a home’s value. Look at your kitchen with a critical eye. Make sure your appliances are squeaky clean and

Kitchen and Dining

7 Clever Organization Ideas for Your Kitchen

Tweet You want the space to resemble a magazine spread, but just as important is easy workflow when cooking. Thus ample storage and clever organization are two important keys to

Yard and Garden

Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Spring and Summer Entertaining

Tweet Because of this, you have good reason to be focusing on spring, summer and warmer temperatures in general. Imagining picnics and parties outside might be the only thing getting