The DIY Essential Toolkit for Every Home

The DIY Essential Toolkit for Every Home
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    I don’t know about you, but most of the tools I own were bought when something went wrong around the house.

    Like the adjustable wrench that joined us when the shower sprung a leak one weekend (it was our first real venture into DIY after the plumber told us his out-of-hours rates).


The problem with waiting until you need a tool, is that you’ll pay top whack for it at your local DIY store, because let’s face it – you’re in a hurry to rescue your home from whichever disaster has just struck. And as you won’t have the luxury of time to shop around for the best quality you can afford, you may end up paying way over the odds for something that’ll break after just a few uses.

Preparation is the key my friend, so choose your toolbox essentials from a reputable company (we recommend and remember to pat yourself on the back when the time comes for you to need them.

Your toolkit essentials…

Screwdriver set:
You’ll need both flat head and Phillips head – and at least a couple of different sizes of each will be needed over the years. If you’ve got a few DIY projects lined up over the coming months though then invest in an electric screwdriver – they come with a variety of changeable heads and will save your wrists from hours of twisting and turning.

Claw hammer:
From putting up pictures to building the latest flat pack addition to your home, the hammer is a toolbox staple. The handy feature on the other side (the ‘claw’) will allow you to pull bent nails back out too.

From pulling and pinching, to stripping wires and bending pieces of metal over – this useful gadget will be the trusty ‘go to guy’ in your toolkit.

Adjustable Wrenches:
A smaller adjustable wrench will come in handy when loosening small nuts in hard-to-reach places as its jaws can be adjusted to fit nuts and bolts of various sizes. A larger model will tackle most nuts and other fasteners.

Tape measure:
Remember the saying ‘measure twice, cut once’? A tape measure will help you follow this rule, and as with most things in life, the bigger the better. Tape measures tend to go up to 25 foot, which you may think is excessive at first, until you have to measure your new hallway for carpets, or work out how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need.

Nobody wants pictures hanging on their walls at an odd angle, but this handy tool will also allow you to lay paving slabs evenly and ensure your latest woodwork masterpiece doesn’t slope ever so slightly to the left.

Electric drill:
Perhaps one of the more expensive additions to your toolkit, but one you’ll get a huge amount of use from. Look for a cordless rechargeable drill to save you hunting for the nearest electrical point and battling with wires getting in the way of your work.

At some point in your DIY career you’ll be needing to cut some pieces of wood to size, so a general purpose hack saw is vital. Look for one that allows you to change blades and alter angles.

Last but by no means least, you’ll thank your lucky stars you have this tool when you need one at night while checking to see why the electricity has gone off.



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