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Tools and Materials

4 Critical Pieces of Equipment You Need for Home Renovations

With the arrival of fairer weather, home improvement and home renovation projects can begin to flourish on comfortable weekends and days off of work.

Tools and Materials

15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Tweet Tools are also an investment, so it’s important to purchase basic, good-quality ones that will last a long time. The following items are the essentials needed for any basic

Tools and Materials

A Guide To Cordless Tool Attachments

If you have a passion for power tool perfection, you probably already know which cordless attachments will do best for your everyday drill needs.

Home Repairs

The Five Best Tools to Have in Your Arsenal if you are a Fix-it-Yourself Home Owner

Doing minor home improvement repairs and remodels can save you a bundle of money. Having the proper tools and know-how to handle the many small repairs a home might need is immensely satisfying …

Tools and Materials

The DIY Essential Toolkit for Every Home

I don’t know about you, but most of the tools I own were bought when something went wrong around the house. Like the adjustable wrench that joined us when the shower sprung a leak one weekend (it was our first real venture into DIY after the plumber told us his out-of-hours rates).