8 Cost-Efficient Home Renovation Upgrades

8 Cost-Efficient Home Renovation Upgrades
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    Everyone wants an upgraded, energy-efficient home, but who wants the cost of upgrading?


There are easy, economical changes you can make to your home that will cost you very little but save a lot! Here are eight recommendations:

Energy Efficient Windows 

Replacing your home’s windows is probably one of the costlier upgrades but the returns are phenomenal. According to Retro Teck Window, a leader in replacement windows, replacing old, single-pane windows with new Energy Star –rated windows will save you seven to 15 percent on your energy bills. Your home will be warmer, and there will be no more drafts, but your greatest economic coup will be the increase in resale price of your home, plus the beauty of new windows. Call a windows professional for a free estimate.

Upgrade the Insulation 

To be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, add additional insulation in the attic. This one upgrade can save as much as 20 percent on heating and cooling costs. Insulation costs about $15 per roll at a home improvement store.

Change Your Thermostat

A new programmable thermostat can help save $150 a year in energy costs. A programmable thermostat will keep you from using excessive energy by lowering the temperature in winter months and raising the temperature in summer months when you are not home, and is easily installed. 

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping around your leaky windows and doors can save up to 30 percent on heating and cooling costs. This renovation is very inexpensive, and materials are available at any home improvement store.

Fluorescent Bulbs

New fluorescent bulbs are more expensive than older, traditional bulbs, but last five to 10 times longer. While it is a small savings, energy experts say to expect a savings of about $6 a year in electrical costs.

New Energy-Efficient Appliances

When replacing appliances, always look for the energy use information labels and choose the most energy-efficient you can afford. Your appliances use about 20 percent of your electricity, and new, energy efficient models generally save 10 to 15 percent on costs. Newer washers and dishwashers also use less water, for an additional savings over the life of the appliance.

Water Heaters

There are several options for saving money with your water heater. If your existing heater is in good condition, consider lowering the temperature setting to 120 degrees. If it is older than five years old, get a water heater jacket to prevent heat loss. When the water heater has to be replaced, opt for a tankless heater. It can lower water bills by 20 percent, lasts longer than traditional heaters, and you will always have hot water!

Low-Flow Faucets

Most home faucets and shower heads use much more water than you need. Replace current fixtures with low-flow faucets. Readily available at home improvement stores, new fixtures are inexpensive and easy to replace, and can save up to 50 percent on your home water usage. 

Additional ideas are to use your ceiling fan to save energy costs and open the windows and allow sunlight to help warm and light your home. With a little time, effort, and very little cash, your home can put money back in your pocket.



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