5 Tips On How To Stay Green When Moving

5 Tips On How To Stay Green When Moving
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    Going green doesn’t mean cutting your lifestyle.

    We all know how to reduce, reuse and recycle when it comes to our kitchens and homes, but what does that mean if you are preparing to move homes or offices?


You can preserve our precious environment and help save not only carbon emissions, but money too by following the five steps outlined below. You will be surprised just how easy and logical it is.

Tip 1.

When starting to pack you will find you will need packing material to buffer and safeguard your items inside the boxes, so that the move will not damage them, for example, glassware, crockery, ornaments and jewelry. 

Use what you have!  Look inside your drawers and you will find a plethora of resources that can become packing materials.  For example, use your tea towels, napkins and place mats to wrap around plates instead of bubble wrap.   

Using t-shirts and pants is also a good way to protect your knick-knacks from the rough and tumble of moving.  Do not forget your larger cloth items such as bed sheets and towels to protect bigger items such as TV’s and DVD players.  Another helpful idea is to stuff your unused toilet roles and paper towels into boxes that have spaces that need to be filled. 

Tip 2

For more packing materials, ask your neighbors to keep their newspapers instead of recycling them, collect them and use them as packing materials.  If you don’t have friendly neighbors you can ask your local coffee shop/ hairdresser for old magazines or outdated local newspapers that they may be discarding.  

Tip 3

Do boxes the smart way: rent them.  Why spend money on new boxes when you can rent boxes?  Considering it takes nearly 3 gallons of water to make just one piece of paper, imagine how many gallons it takes to make cardboard? Renting boxes makes sense.  Not only are you reusing a limited commodity, but you are doing your bit to stop unnecessary logging and the boxes will be recycled and reused.  Get your boxes delivered rather than spend valuable carbon fuels and time to pick them up.  

Tip 4

Choose green moving companies.  A lot of companies now are trying to be more environmentally friendly.  From educating their staff about environmentally friendly products, to going paper free and only operating efficient and clean transport, many companies are committed to decreasing their carbon foot print.  Do a bit of research on green companies in your area. 

Tip 5

Don’t create more landmass for the landfills!  Moving homes or offices is a fabulous time to do the spring cleaning that you haven’t gotten around to doing in years.  This is a time when you can sustainably get rid of old items that you no longer need.  It is a good opportunity for you to donate your unwanted possessions to aid organizations.  Many charities will be happy to come and pick up larger items from your home and accept working and clean items.  Local dumps (or civic amenities) often have comprehensive recycling techniques that will allow you to recycle rather than just contribute to landfill. 



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