6 Home Renovations and Upgrades That are Good for the Planet

6 Home Renovations and Upgrades That are Good for the Planet
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    From quick redecorating projects to large scale renovations, there are quite a few ways to make upgrades to your home that will reduce your carbon footprint.

    Many of them will also raise the value of the property as well.


Here is a look at some of the renovations and upgrades you can make to your home that are good for our planet.

Solar Power

It is becoming easier to find residential solar panels to install on your roof. Aside from allowing you to power your home using the sun instead of your local energy provider, this is an option that will save you money, and in some areas actually pay you.

Some states have energy incentives that allow you to sell the power your home doesn’t use back to the energy providers. All of that is on top of solar panels giving you a tax deduction during the dreaded tax season. This is one green upgrade that is truly worth it in more ways than one.

Look Down

One of the underutilized ways to green up your home has to do with the floor. Many people might be surprised to learn that there is a plethora of options when it comes to flooring that is eco – friendly.

If you are a fan of hard flooring surfaces, you might consider cork flooring. This is an option that is warm, soft, and works to reduce the vibration of sound. It comes from the bark that is found on cork oak trees, which means that there are no trees that have to be cut down to make it.

view cork hardwood flooring

If carpet is more your style, there are even green options in carpeting. Most flooring companies will be glad to show you all of the green options. All you have to do is ask.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can be notorious for letting drafts in. This wastes energy trying to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is one of the easiest energy efficient home improvements you can make too.

Weather stripping and caulk don’t cost too much and can be applied and installed in minutes. Just go around to each window and door and run your hand along the edges. If you feel a draft, you are losing energy there and it needs to be caulked or have a bit of weather stripping to seal it.

Build Smarter

If you happen to be thinking about doing a major renovation on your home, take a close look at the available space you currently have before you make the actual footprint of the home bigger. Maybe a loft could be added over the living room. You might turn that unnecessary half bath into a small sun room. Making sure that you stay indie the current footprint of the building will mean that your consumption of energy will be kept to a minimum while also saving you a bit of money on the renovation.

view sunroom/conservatory room

Increase Natural Airflow and Light

Windows and skylights that are placed naturally can allow for more of the natural light to stream into your home. This reduces your reliance on artificial lighting while allowing for the temperature to be regulated while not using the HVAC system so much.

Before you make any changes though, take a look at the light that each room gets throughout the day and consider the times of day when you are most in those rooms. Skylights might be a bit much in rooms that already face the south, but they could be ideal for lighting up that cozy nook right at the top of the stairs.

Paint It

Upgrades are all well and good, but if the paint in and on the house needs to be redone, all of those upgrades won’t make the house any better. Now, there are options for eco – friendly paint. This type of paint uses natural pigments combined with lower levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and biocides. These eco – friendly paints emit fewer pollutants into the air while they also work to prevent mildew and reduce the contamination of water. What is not to love about that?

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