3 Warning Signs That Your AC Unit Is About To Die

3 Warning Signs That Your AC Unit Is About To Die
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    Most homeowners don’t want to think about what it would be like when they go to turn on their air conditioning and find out that something has gone seriously wrong.

    Even with perfect maintenance, these complex devices will not last forever and they will lose efficiency over time.


This is why keeping an eye out for some warning signs that the AC unit may go out soon could save a family discomfort during those warm summer months.

1. Decreased Cooling and Efficiency

This is one of the easiest signs that an air conditioner is going out and one that should not be ignored. Over 11 billion dollars are spent every single year by Americans on AC alone, and it is important to keep a close eye on these units to ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible. If an AC is set to the on position and it is not properly cooling the house or certain rooms are not being cooled, the system will need immediate maintenance. Another common problem is when the air conditioning continues to turn and off and on during random intervals due to issues with the thermostat or wiring. Finally, owners should keep an eye on energy bills and look for unusual leaps in expenses due to the AC.

2. Odd Sounds

There are a wide variety of moving parts within an air conditioning unit and they will make some noise, but it is important to understand which noises are normal and which are abnormal. Commonly, the AC should have an even-pitched, relatively quiet, and dull hum. If the fans or bearings begin to go out or the moving parts are improperly lubricated a wide variety of noises could take place ranging from a dull thud when turning on the AC to a high-pitched whining. When in doubt, it is best to at least call an air condition specialist to check on these moving parts, especially if it has not been used or checked all winter.

3. Leaks

One of the easiest ways that an owner can confirm that their AC is in perfect working condition is to frequently check around the outdoor unit itself for any abnormalities. There are a number of liquids that run through an AC unit and constant use will take a toll on gaskets and hoses. Owners should check to make sure that there is no water pooling around the device, keep a close eye out for leaking coolant, and check the unit for any ice that is forming.

While some AC units will last for up to ten years, it is important to keep these household devices running smoothly. Remaining aware of a few simple signs could help a family to avoid a total breakdown in the dead of summer.

Source: Edmonton at Comfortable Home Systems



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