Water Emergency! Fast Action to Reduce Water Damage

Water Emergency! Fast Action to Reduce Water Damage
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    Water leaks and damages are, unfortunately, part of being a homeowner.

    The longer water is left to sit, the worse the damage becomes.


It is important to act fast to reduce the effects of water damage. Here is a step-by-step guide to addressing water damage.

Turn Everything Off

If the water is coming from a leak in the pipes or plumbing, turn the water off immediately. For safety reasons, you also want to turn off the electricity and gas temporarily. Standing water mixed with electrical wires or sparks is an unsafe recipe for disaster. Turning these utilities off means you can work with the leaking water without fear. You should still use safety precautions to make sure the standing water is safe before touching.

Remove Everything

You want to take everything out of the water that you can. Take valuables, furniture, rugs, etc. to a place where they can start to dry. Remove everything you possibly can from the space to hopefully save the valuables.

Drain Water

This is the most obvious, and most difficult step. Depending on your situation, simply pouring the water out the window by the bucketful might work. If there is too much water, however, you may need to rent a pump or have a water removal service like those of Plumb Perfect Ltd. to help you out. Whatever you choose, do it fast so that the water isn’t standing there for too long.

Dry Out

Once the standing water is gone, you need to begin to dry everything out. If the room is carpeted, pull the carpet up to dry the floor underneath. Open all the windows and use large fans to air everything out. You may need to rent industrialized fans depending on the damage.


No matter how fast you act, some things may need to be replaced. Make sure the water didn’t do any permanent damage to the floor or to the walls. Check for mold and rot to see if you need to replace floor boards or beams. You may need to replace the carpet, some furniture, and repaint. Check to see if homeowner’s insurance will cover some of the cost.

Call a Plumber

Make sure that this doesn’t happen again and call a plumber to come out immediately. Plumbers often offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing service and can come fix the problem right away. You can’t turn the water back on until a plumber is called.

Water damage is a pain, but it’s not impossible to combat. Act fast and call professionals when needed.



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