Top 6 Creative and Simple Closet Organization Ideas

Top 6 Creative and Simple Closet Organization Ideas
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    Everybody likes to have a well-organized closet.

    For most of us, it wouldn't be wrong to say that we're obsessed with the idea of a tidy, well-kept closet.


It’s obviously not an irrelevant obsession, knowing that a well-organized closet goes a long way in ensuring your mornings have a smooth run.

Listed below are the 6 best closet organization ideas. Pick and choose from these ideas to make the most of your space, and give your wardrobe the makeover it deserves.

1. Use Wall Space

So you have a robust scarf collection that you’re proud of? But is it taking up your valuable rod space in your closet? Attach a towel bar to your unused wall space and creatively use this space to hang your attractive scarf collection.

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2. Use Closet Door for Shoes

With the help of rails attached to the inside of the closet door, your shoes can comfortably rest there; now, you can squeeze extra space for other priority items in your closet. Isn’t that an excellent storage hack?

3. Use Shower Hooks for Purses

It may sound silly, but shower hooks placed on the hanger rods are excellent for hanging your expensive purses without damaging their shape and handles.

4. Do Some Charity

Discarding what you don’t need is the most difficult thing to do. If you’re having a problem deciding what to keep and what to let go, ask yourself these questions: do I love it? Have I used it in the last 6 months? If it’s a “yes” to these questions, then keep it. If you’re still unsure, ask yourself what’s more valuable: the item, or more space in the closet? Once you’re satisfied with the answers, put the discarded items aside to give to charity or a thrift shop.

5. Indulge in Matching Hangers

Your clothes define you. They highlight your personality, and therefore they deserve to be treated well. Make them look good even when they’re off your body. Hang them up on matching hangers; they’ll not only look good, but it’ll also make your job of sorting them easier.

6. Customize and Decorate Your Space

Your closet is your identity. Decorate it with something that’s very much you. A signature mirror, a piece of art, or an attractive wallpaper can add a fun element to your closet. Opening your closet should always be a delightful experience.

These best 6 closet organization ideas are simple and easy to implement and can make your closet look better with better storage capacity. If you’ve friends and relatives who are unhappy with their current disorganized closet situation, then share these simple closet organization ideas with them and make their lives simpler!



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