5 Steps to Applying Feng Shui to Any Room in Your Home

5 Steps to Applying Feng Shui to Any Room in Your Home
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    Feng shui involves arranging items in the home in ways that allow for the flow of positive energy.


This energy provides a better, more fulfilling life. Luckily, a number of furniture stores carry items that support feng shui design.

Getting Rid of Clutter

The first step to using feng shui in the home is to remove unwanted items and junk. Any furniture that does not bring happiness should be removed. This includes neutral items that are rarely used. Clearing up the mess will help lighten the mood in the room and will aid in the process of utilizing feng shui practices. This can be a gradual process involving the smaller messes first, or you may begin by tackling the areas that take the most energy from your room.

Air Flow and Light

After removing excess mess from the room, replace the energy-zapping clutter with positive energy. The positive energy in feng shui, known as Chi, is an essential goal of transforming your home. Some of the best ways to introduce this energy include promoting a better quality of air and light in the home. Start this process by opening the largest windows. Open windows bring in both air and light, creating a more positive living space. Air flow and light also make you feel at ease, one of the reasons parks and beaches are so popular. If opening spaces is not a feasible option, consider live plants or full-spectrum lights.

Feng Shui in the Kitchen

In the art of feng shui, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is the area of the home that nourishes you and your loved ones. To keep positive energy flowing, keep the kitchen well-organized and simple. Avoid loading the space with tools and gadgets. In addition, make sure the food you prepare is healthy and of high quality. The food should be prepared in a space that allows for a balanced flow of Chi.

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Start cleansing this room by removing electronic devices such as computers, exercise machines and the television. The positive energy is destroyed when these distracting items are kept in the bedroom. Make sure to fill the room with different levels of light. In addition to a dimmer switch, organic candles are a great way to add soft lighting.

Feng Shui in the Bathroom

Bathrooms feature numerous pipes and drains from which Chi may escape. Close these openings by keeping the toilet lid closed and plugging drains when not using tubs, showers or sinks. As bathrooms have a lot of flowing water, this creates an imbalance in the five elements. Maintaining these elements is a vital part of feng shui. The earth element is stronger than water and will control it when water is excessive. To add the earth element, add golds and yellows to the room in the form of wall paint, rugs, towels or pictures.

There are multiple factors to consider when arranging according to feng shui teachings, these include clearing the home, adding furniture where needed and arranging the items appropriately. You can easily find furniture in Gulfport to meet your feng shui designing needs.

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