Upgrading Your Beach Homes Curb Appeal

Upgrading Your Beach Homes Curb Appeal
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    Beach homes come in an array of different styles, from a classic nautical theme to a busy tropical atmosphere.

    However, if you want your beach home to really stand out and make a splash, a carefully coordinated set of furniture with a sleek, sophisticated color palette is of course required.


While beach houses can emulate any kind of look, they all have one thing in common – a carefree, relaxed vibe. They are an environment that really invites you in to take a load off.

The outside of your home is just as important as the interior, we’ll show you how to upgrade every aspect of your home’s appearance, from an entire overhaul to a few small tweaks. Follow these six tips to drastically improve the curb appeal of your beach home.

1. Is There A Walkway?

Not only can they give a quaint, old fashioned look to your garden, but a simple walkway will make entering your property easier. While simple walkways do not cost much to install, a more ornate design or ones that use a higher grade of materials will be a little bit pricier. However, if the look is what you are going for, that is much of what you are paying for.

Use paving stones or a walkway to edge your flower bed or provide some visual interest on your lawn. Using a path made of stamped concrete in Fort Lauderdale would give it a unique look.

Making some improvements to an existing walkway is also a great idea to really add to the curb appeal. You can choose to have a professional come out to assess your existing walkway and provide you with a quote for structural improvements. A good looking and well made walkway is great for the visual impact of your beach home, as well as providing a safe environment for your guests.

beach adirondack chairspicket gate

      some beach home landscaping ideas to consider      

2. Blur the Lines Between Inside and Out

If you are fortunate enough to have a large porch, filling it with bits of greenery is a charming, privacy-providing way to inject a little flair into your living. Including plants is also a great idea if it is a venue you use often for entertaining.

Being around the vitality of growing plants is a calming, soothing environment in which to be. Having a few potted plants or tendrils on your porch is also a great way to ease the senses after exiting the life of the garden and before entering your home.

Think about echoing the types of blooms or plant families that you use. This will give a well thought out air to your whole design scheme.

If you use hardy perennials in flower beds outdoors, why not think of a few potted clones on the porch and dotted throughout your house? This can be charming and can make your home feel more natural and more connected to the earth.

3. Give It A Personal Touch

In a world where so many communities made of beach homes look like cookie cutter copies of one another, adding a small personal touch that shows how unique you can be can add a lot to the appeal of your home. It can be as large a statement as painting the exterior a bright fluorescent color or as simple and unobtrusive as crafting your own house number plate. The beach homes that cause people to stop and stare are the ones that are highly individual.

Making something that you can display on the outside of your home is a brave act, and one that can be surprisingly thrifty. A small vegetable garden in a corner of your yard is not only a great way to announce your green thumb, but also to save a ton on your regular grocery bills.

The point is, you are not a robot and you do not live the same life as anyone else in your beach town community. Let your home proclaim that to the world.

4. Choose The Right Shade of Blue

The thing that most beach houses have in common is that they feature a color palette that includes a blue color as an accent shade. Commonly, the intensity of the hue is meant to reflect how deep the ocean is in that part of the world. For example, the farther north your home is, the deeper the shade of clue you should choose.

The right shade can reflect the color of the ocean, adding to the charm and vibrancy of your beach home. Using a shade of blue in your paint palette and in stamped concrete in Fort Lauderdale will give it a sleek, put together look.

Common shades of blue vary from a royal or navy blue in the Atlantic northeast, to a bright turquoise in the Caribbean to a steely grey-blue in many places along the pacific.These colors are not only reflected in the natural surroundings, but they are often chosen as shades in color palettes found in designs all over the town.

ornamental grasseswhite pebble rocks

      some beach garden planning ideas to consider      

5. Add A Few Nautical Details

You might think that a full nautical theme is overdone in homes at the seaside. For a full theme, you would be correct.

However, adding a few nautical details here and there is still an aspect of clever design. A design with just a few details but echoing the main colors is a great way to achieve a cohesive and thoughtful layout in your home.

To improve the outward appearance of your home, you cannot go wrong with installing weathered, beaten looking roof shingles or white shutters on the windows in a similar state of disrepair. For the top of a home, an old salvaged weather vane will always tell you in which direction the wind is blowing. Thrift stores and salvage yards are a great place to find thee accessories, and they can add a lot of curb appeal to your home.

6. Keep It Summery

No matter what time of year it is, with a few simple features the outside of any home can be as warm and inviting as a summer evening. Like many with beach homes, it may not be possible for you to get there very often. In your case, simple landscaping designs that do not need a lot of upkeep, or maintenance are best.

other valuable tips:

With just a few more simple tweaks, your home will be comfortable and inviting all year round. A few white pieces of furniture on the porch, and some card games or board games are all you need for a very pleasant evening.

The curb appeal of your home is so important to you, and why should your beach home be any different? With a new paint palette and some fun little accessories your beach home can shine for everyone to see.

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