11 Smart Ideas to Make Your House More Spacious

11 Smart Ideas to Make Your House More Spacious
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    Who doesn’t want their living space to be as comfortable as possible?

    The trick is managing your area correctly.


On a positive note, the Mental Health Foundation in America speaks highly on how something as simple as interior designing can also uplift mental health. Despite the kind of house you live in, you already have all the necessary resources to make a tranquil lifestyle.

Here’s how you can make your home more spacious:

  • 1: Floor to Ceiling Shelves:

    A sound shelving system is vital for your household. Shelves keep all unnecessary clutter from piling up in one location.

    You can utilize the walls of your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms to transform them into shelving units. Not only are you making space for yourself to move around and keep your living space neat, but you’re also creating an illusion of taller ceilings.

  • 2: Change the Color:

    All around you, color plays a vital role in your life. There’s a reason why companies pay attention to the color scheme before designing their logos. Your feelings, emotions, and thoughts are influenced by what you see.

    If you look at soothing tones, you may feel more at home. Darker colors give out a more intense vibe. The same logic applies to painting your house.

    Pastel colors allow light to reflect around your house, giving it a more spacious feeling—paint light tones of yellow, orange, or blue. Steer clear of darker colors as they absorb light and make the space feel narrow.

  • 3: Get Rid of Clutter:

    While shopping, you can always make impulsive decisions of buying items you don’t need, such as a new decoration or new furniture. But at any point, you can choose to confront your cluttering problem.

    You can look into self-storage spaces such as Kelowna self storage to categorize your items. Suppose you may have things in your house that you don’t often need, such as your documentation like your birth certificate, winter clothes, or furniture.

    You can quickly move them out to a storage unit and get them when you need them. Decluttering also involves getting rid of items. If you have more than one of the same thing, either donate it or recycle it.

  • 4: Multifunctional Gadgets:

    You don’t need to have every product in the market. You can easily find furniture and appliances that have more than one function. Go for furniture such as bed frames that come with drawers to utilize as storage.

    Buy food processors that have both blending and chopping options to prevent you from getting each product individually. The more you downsize on products by buying items that have multipurpose, the more you’re saving space and extra money.

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      some spacious ideas to consider      

    5: Placement of Furniture:

    When putting furniture around your house, make sure you’re not blocking any natural lighting. Sometimes incorrect order makes space look smaller than it is.

    When you add a table around the house, make sure they are in a manner that doesn’t block light or pathways. In some instances, go for one large piece of furniture instead of small furniture scattered throughout your house.

  • 6: Upgrade Your Lighting:

    You need to pay attention to how the lights are around your house and how you can change them. Sometimes you can switch the color tone of your lights for a spacious look.

    You can also go for track lighting instead or switch up to multiple light sources instead of one. You can even include lights inside your shelves and closet spaces.

  • 7: Wall Art:

    What goes on your wall also adds to the layout of your room. If you have small paintings throughout your wall, it makes the wall look crowded and, in turn, makes the room smaller too.

    Go for one large picture or at least two great artworks. That adds aesthetic to your room without making the space feel tiny and gives you room to move around.

  • 8: Work on Your Floor:

    The color break helps create an illusion of open space and makes you feel more at home. If you have light colors on your walls, then go for darker floors. Monotonous tones make the house look dull and boring.

    Even if you’re trying to optimize your home and make it look open, you don’t want to end up compromising on style. Don’t cut back on aesthetics, thinking that they don’t fall in line with your minimalistic lifestyle.

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      some flooring ideas to consider      

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