How Can You Install Custom Cut Tempered Glass Shelves Easily?

How Can You Install Custom Cut Tempered Glass Shelves Easily?
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    Custom cut glass shelves are incredibly trendy and popular among homeowners who admire the minimalistic and sophisticated design.

    These glass shelves are usually made with tempered glass that is renowned for its augmented strength and improved durability.


The ease-of-use and simple maintenance make these glass shelves perfect for a wide variety of applications in home and offices. Homeowners can easily learn the art of custom cut tempered glass shelves installation DIY methods and relish the maximum accessibility and aesthetic benefits of this exceptional interior design element.

Why Custom Cut Tempered Glass is Ideal for Glass Shelves?

Glass shelves are widely popular for their exquisite design and aesthetic beauty. The brittleness of conventional glass shelves has always been a common cause of concern for the homeowners.

The delicate nature of glass shelves makes them susceptible to breakage and limits its application and uses. However, the advent of the high-strength tempered glass has revolutionized the world of home décor and has led to an upsurge in its popularity and use.

The durable and strong tempered glass shelves are now commonly used in a wide variety of applications in a living space. These glass shelves are pre-cut to size and offer homeowners a high degree of creative freedom.

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In addition to augmented strength, the translucency of the tempered glass is also highly admired by the homeowners who want a sturdy ordinary glass alternative without compromising on aesthetic beauty and clarity. These modernistic glasses are equally as good as clear transparent glass and inject a sense of simplicity and cleanliness.

These tempered glass shelves often seem expensive at first but are far more durable and cost-friendly in the long run. Serving as an ideal display glass, the inclusion of a modernistic glass shelf is the best way to augment the beauty of the interior space and showcase décor pieces and elements of exquisite beauty.

Steps to Install Custom Cut Tempered Glass Shelves – DIY

The custom cut tempered glass shelves installation is incredibly easy and requires no extra skills or expensive tools. Homeowners can easily cut tempered glass for shelves and install them with the right set of basic tools and little bit insight about the right technique.

A set of metal mounts, brackets, drills, and screws is all it takes to install exceptional contemporary tempered glass shelves. In addition to this, the strength of tempered glass makes sure everything goes smoothly and there is no risk of breakage or damage.

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The way shelves are secured with the mount and the way mounts are attached with the wall holds utmost importance in glass shelf installation. Besides this, homeowners also need to know the wall type and must follow unique installation techniques when installing shelves on tiled walls. Commonly, mounting brackets in grout lines is probably the best way to go in such places.

Many contemporary glass shelves also use hidden brackets to secure the shelf in its place and the following is a simple DIY method to install glass shelves mounted on hidden brackets.

  • Step # 1 – Assemble Shelf Holders and Shelf

    Assembling the shelf and the shelf holders are the first and the most essential step of installing a glass shelf. It is important to properly assemble all the elements and mark the required spots on the wall for guidance.

    The center point of each side holder should be marked with a pencil and it is the place where the setscrew will be drilled. The installation accuracy and precision greatly depend on these minor steps and giving importance to these basic details holds immense importance.

  • Step # 2 – Position the Glass Shelf

    The next key step is to position the glass shelf with the help of a leveler or a ruler. It is recommended to use a level to make a mark extending 3 inches in the vertical direction. Afterward, a horizontal line needs to be marked at the center of these vertical lines to make a reference mark.

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  • Step # 3 – Drill Holes on the Wall

    As all the required positioning and marking is done, it is time to use a drill to dig into the walls. Firstly, the brackets are placed on the walls in such a way that its center hole lies at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines.

    A 1/4" hole is drilled into the wall at this location and wall anchors are inserted into the holes. Removing the bracket, the screws are used to tighten these wall hangers into the wall and the same procedure is repeated for installing the other end bracket.

  • Step # 4 – Mount Shelves in Place

    Lastly, it is time to mount the elegant tempered glass shelves on the walls. Removing the shelf holder from the shelf, the holder is slid over the bracket and is tightened with screws by ensuring its perfect level and position.

    Similarly, the other side holder is fixed in the same way and the shelf is placed on these holders. It is important to give a final eye on the shelf’s location and make the required adjustment if needed by realigning the holders.

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How much is Custom Cut Tempered Glass Shelves installation cost?

The DIY custom cut tempered glass shelves installation costs less than half of the amount requested by handyman to install a glass shelf. Homeowners can use these savings to buy more aesthetic décor elements like glass shelves that help revamp the complete outlook of the interior space.

All one needs is a glass shelf, glass holders, hidden brackets, drill, and a few screws. Normally, the cost of installing a delicate glass shelf without the help of a handyman ranges around $200 – $300.

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