When to Fix Your Own Plumbing Problems, and When You Need a Hero!

When to Fix Your Own Plumbing Problems, and When You Need a Hero!
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    There are some professions that seem to be made for TV and films.

    Some jobs are constantly depicted as worthy, noble and even heroic, and both the big and small screen is awash with actors playing lawyers, doctors and police.


Certainly, these professions probably make for a better level of drama and intrigue, but what about other professions, that when you need to call on them, seem pretty darn heroic?

When it’s three in the morning and you have no idea where that leak is coming from, then a plumber might as well be Superman. And does the plumber ever pop up in a movie or TV show, being shown as the hero that he or she really is? Perhaps the best-known plumber in fiction is Super Mario Bros, which started out as a video game and was adapted into what is regarded as one of the worst films ever made. After watching this film, you won’t want a plumber to save you anymore, which is not a bad thing; since there are many common plumbing problems you can easily fix yourself.

How Much Can I Do?

How much of your own plumbing work depends entirely on your own level of expertise. Some of us might be perfectly comfortable draining a cracked toilet, unbolting it from the floor and putting a new one in the place, and some of us might have trouble figuring out how a toilet brush is supposed to work.

We live in the age of information, and we can easily take advantage of this- before starting any project that you might not be entirely comfortable with, remember that there are probably dozens of instructional videos of varying quality available on Youtube. Watch and learn, and you’ll grow more comfortable even when you tackle relatively complex projects.

The Basics

Drainage issues, whether it’s in your toilet, bathtub or sink, are one of the easiest tasks to fix by yourself. A bathtub or sink that drains slowly is likely to have its drainage partially clogged by hair and grime, and a chemical cleaner poured into the plug hole will usually do the trick. Ensure that you obtain a cleaner that’s suited to your pipes – you might have plastic or PVC pipes, and some harsh chemical agents can eat right through these.

For a blocked toilet, grab a plunger and get to work! If a toilet is slow to drain, consider pouring a jug of boiling water into it, as the heat often loosens the blockage, improving the overall operations of the toilet. Other tasks are relatively simply too- such as changing a shower head, which is really just a case of unscrewing the old one and screwing in its replacement.

When You Need a Hero

As we said, there are some seemingly major projects that you might be comfortable in handling yourself and 100% capable. Having said that, there are some times when you really need a plumber hero – such as anything to do with your hot water heater, particularly when it’s leaking.

If you experience issues with your sewerage main line, then a plumber is your best friend, since they have the specialist tools and experience to deal with this issue in as “clean” a manner as possible. It’s always a good idea to have the telephone number of a plumber who can promptly attend any kind of emergency situation – don’t find out the hard way that a plumber isn’t available 24 hours, so familiarize yourself with those who are.

Like in many situations in life, sometimes you can do it yourself, and sometimes you need a helping hand. At those times when a plumber truly saves you, you’ll begin to think that they need better representation than Super Mario Bros.



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