How to Store Home Items: Food, Emergency Items, Clothing

How to Store Home Items: Food, Emergency Items, Clothing
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    If it is a house then another name for home items would be clutter.

    There would be overstuffed drawers, bursting cupboards, an overflowing attic and basement and so on.

    This does not mean that you need a bigger home as even that would get filled up fast.


Stuff and more stuff

After all, there is so much in your house that is beautiful and that you don’t feel like throwing it out. And there is stuff that you may be requiring later on and hence cannot be thrown out.

What this means is that you have stuff and more stuff. But now you can make use of all these ideas for planning the storage for your home items and make your house more organized than ever before! Let’s get started.

Use those pretty boxes

Your house is full of all those pretty boxes that you simply so not wish to throw away. Now use the small ones for storing your jewellery, pens, safety pins and such other knick-knacks. Your drawers will become better organized this way.

Proper storage for food

A common complaint is that food is stored and slowly gets pushed to the back. You end up discovering it later and by that time it is already spoilt!

An easy remedy here would be to store food items in glass jars or containers. This way you do not have to open jars to discover what is inside.

Next, keep a list of the foods that you have stored along with their expiry date. Go through this list on a regular basis and you would never be facing the issue of food turned bad.

Also, try to buy the amount that you need. Buying in bulk may not result in savings if you have to throw away half of it later.


Even though you have kept it safely stacked somewhere, it is just not available when you need it!

This is why you need to label. Your storage for emergency has to be kept labelled so that you do not have to look for that burn ointment when you need it the most!

Keep the hand-axe, hammer and nails at one place. Your emergency light with extra batteries have to be kept at a place that is easily accessible.

In fact, keep a separate box for all your emergency items and label its contents properly so that you do not have to rummage through it looking for what you want.

Proper storage for clothes

This has a very simple rule. All those unusable clothes have to be thrown or given away. So the clothes that your kids have grown out of do not serve any purpose any more, no matter how pretty they are. The clothes that have gone out of fashion serve no purpose.

Now keep all those party clothes separate from those work clothes. Separate out the formal and casual wear.

Now sort out the drawer so that you keep your scarves and pins properly organized.

Just follow these tips and see how your house finally becomes organized!



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