Metal Interior Design: The Next Big Thing

Metal Interior Design: The Next Big Thing
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    The design world is always after the newest and latest trend, and consumers just love being able to pick up the latest and greatest items.

    One trend that seems to be creating a fair share of buzz is metal interior design.


Where it used to be that you only saw it in those ultra-modern lofts, it can now be found in a variety of design styles and spaces. So what is metal interior design? How has it become the next big thing? And how can everyday people incorporate it into their existing space? Let’s take a closer look.

Becoming Mainstream

The idea of metal being your design material of choice may not have existed a few years ago, but that certainly isn’t the case now. No longer is it reserved for those industrial spaces only, as you can find metal paired with a variety of other materials making it work for all design styles. In fact, you can find metal in furniture, appliances, lighting, fixtures, flooring, and even wallpaper nowadays. It isn’t reserved for a certain age group, design style, or budget.

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With the availability of professional metal workers who use a high-tech laser engraving machine, you can even find detail work that wasn’t necessarily available to the mainstream before.

Typically, metal used to be seen as an item of choice for those who like a minimalist design, but that is no longer the case. Where metal has really changed and evolved is in how much it is used. Instead of looking for a full chrome shelving unit, you’ll find little touches of the chrome included. It’s all about being subtle in the use of metal. This approach helps to keep the desired design style and prevents the space from feeling too cold or modern.

It’s Always Been Around

So, as we talk about metal being the next trend, the fact of the matter is that it has always been around in some form or another. If you think back to the 1980s, brass was all the rage. Even though that faded at the end of the 80s, metal didn’t completely go away, it just found a new way to creep into design.

You can, of course, look much further back than the 1980s and find metal. Take for example the 1920s when chrome was the metal of choice. Brutalist metalwork, which meant cutting sheet metal with a torch, took over the 1960s and 1970s. As you can see metal has always been a prominent fixture in design, it’s just a question of which metal and how it’s used.

Add Warmth Through Metal?

Part of what is making metal so mainstream these days is that designers are finding ways to use metal as a way to warm up a space. It’s hard to think of it in these terms, but adding wallpaper or cushions with metallic details can suddenly make a space much warmer and more comfortable. It’s also quite common to find metal used for inlay work, another popular design trend that adds warmth and a sense of uniqueness to a room.

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How Can You Add Metal to Your Space?

So, let’s assume you’re sold on the idea of using metal in your own space but you’re unsure of where to begin. Maybe you’re on a strict budget, or perhaps you’re still not completely sure if it will work with your vision. It’s always a good idea to start small and add to the design if you’re happy with the effect it has created.

One easy way to add metal is through appliances. This could be your major appliances such as your stove and fridge, and through smaller items like your coffeemaker, toaster, and blender. You’ll have the effect of metal but at least you aren’t too committed at that point.

If you’re thinking of adding metal to a bedroom or bathroom, you can play around with different wallpapers. There are options available that almost look like foil or metallic and this is an easy project you can do yourself. If you pick a gold or silver, then it will act as a neutral and leave you with plenty of design options.

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Another tip is to visit a local artisan who specializes in work with metal. This is a great way to find a one-of-a-kind piece that acts as a focal point in the room.

Embracing the Trend

If you’re looking to update your space and give a nod to the design trends of today, then look to add metal in your home. You can go as big or as small as you want, and create a stunning effect.

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