Making The Switch: Why Outlets And Light Switches Should Be Replaced

Making The Switch: Why Outlets And Light Switches Should Be Replaced


Home renovation projects often have homeowners looking at the big picture. Redecorating a room, replacing cabinets or lighting, and a number of other large scale projects. Often times homeowners forget to look at the little things. Most commonly forgotten or ignored at the outlets and light switches.
Many houses never replace the outlets or light switches. Covers are frequently switched to match the decor of the room, but what lies beneath is ignored.

Why it’s important to change outlets:

Just like anything else in the home, outlets can lose efficiency as time goes on. Before repainting a room look at the outlets in it. Are there too many? Are there enough? Do you need more plugs in a particular place? Do you have all of the hook-ups you need?

Most outlets in any more are have two plugs in them, but in some places having more than two is a necessity. If your living room has a power strip hiding behind the entertainment center so you can plug in all your devices, consider ditching the strip and replacing the outlet with one that has more plugs. If there are surround sound speakers find a way to set up the wiring around the room behind the walls so that cords are hidden. Bedroom renovations often forgot this as well. By the time the alarm clock, the lamp, and the charger or base for the phone get hooked up you have no space left. Adding a 4-plug outlet by the bed solves the plug dilemma.

Do you know when the last time was the outlets were replaced? If not, buy new ones and install them yourself. It’s a lot easier than you think. Replacing old outlets reduces the change of electrical fires or other complications.

Why it’s important to change light switches:

Similar to changing electrical outlets, changing light switches can help prevent electrical issues, especially if they have never been changed before. Older homes may require rewiring as well, so if you aren’t confident in your ability to change it yourself contact a professional to come do it for you.

Outlets are often forgotten because they are generally kept out of sight. Light switches are much more important to the functionality and decor of the house overall. Technology has changed the face of the light switch, literally. The days of the old, clunky switches are behind us.

Adorne light switches bring technology, simplicity, and beauty together – offering stylish alternatives when you decide to change light switches.

Wave switches are great for rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. These allow you to wave your hand in front of them to turn them on or off. If you need to wash your hands but the lights are off just wave your hand in front of it and the light will turn on without getting the switch dirty. These are also a great idea in a kid’s room if they cannot reach the switch themselves.

For those who are used to tablets, a touch switch allows you to slide your finger across it to turn the lights off or one. The surface is flat so it lays almost completely flush with the wall. They make great switches for dens, bedrooms, and living rooms. You can just slide your finger over it as you pass it by.

Dimmer switches are still in. Soft-tap dimmer switches allow you to easily adjust the lighting in the room to bright for activities that need a lot or light, to dim for mood-setting. The switches are a great match for the dining room, living room, and master bedroom.

If you are taking the time and spending the money to renovate don’t spend your money on ugly light switches.



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