6 Benefits of Growing Fruit Trees In Your Backyard

6 Benefits of Growing Fruit Trees In Your Backyard
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    Sometimes even the simplest things can turn out to be amazing in their own way.

    Nature, for example, not only adds beauty to our surroundings, it bears the food and resources we consume.


This is why growing fruit trees such as apple trees or lemon trees in your own backyard makes so much sense. In the following article we look into a few simple yet important benefits of growing fruit trees in your own backyard…

#1: Provide a Place to Relax

First and foremost fruit trees work great when it comes to providing shade. Who wouldn’t want a shady place of their own where they can relax? Not just you, but even your children can play under the trees. This will save them from sunburn, indirectly saving them from developing skin cancer later in life.

#2: Add to the Beauty of Your Backyard

There’s no doubt about the fact that fruit trees look beautiful. By adding trees you’ll give you a more unique look to your backyard. The reason being simple, these trees are covered in some of the most pretty blossoms several weeks of the year. And once past that stage, the developing fruit makes the trees look attractive for many months. Also, the fact remains that the leaves of these trees are attractive and their shady branches give the birds a place to rest, in addition to your backyard bird habitat.

#3: Fresh, Healthy Fruit Every Year

There’s nothing like picking and eating your own fruits. These fruits are almost free, and you’ll be aware of what has been sprayed on them. In a lot of cases, you will have begin spraying the same toxic chemicals onto the fruit trees in your backyard as you would spray on any commercial orchids.

#4: Use the Fruit in a Number of Ways

When you have access to a large amount of fruits that almost cost you nothing, you’ll be able to can them or make jams, desserts, conserves or fruit leathers with it. In case you go for citrus fruits, you’ll be able to juice the homegrown fruit in order to make healthy/tasty drinks. What’s more, you’ll be able to get 2 crops per year if you choose to go for citrus.

#5: Have Access to Expensive Fruits

If you love a certain kind of a fruit like persimmons but are unable to purchase them often since they’re expensive (or because they’re not readily available), you can grow this fruit tree in your very own backyard so that you can have a ready supply. This is another reason why growing your own apple trees or other fruit trees can prove to be a highly rewarding.

#6: Climate Isn’t a Problem

You should understand that you cannot grow any tree you want in any zone. However, it’s pretty easy to create a “mini climate” where your fruit trees can grow without much problem. For example, for all those fruit trees that work with warm weather can be positioned near a brick wall that will not only absorb/reflect the heat making it possible for them to thrive. Or in case you happen to live in a hot spot, and want to grow apples, then you might be able to find a cooler place for it.

There you go! The above benefits that we discussed are only a tip of the iceberg. As you move forward you’ll come to realize that there are many more advantages of growing fruit trees in your own backyard.

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