How to Remove Stuck Wallpaper

How to Remove Stuck Wallpaper
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    You've tried to remove that aged and ugly butterfly design wallpaper in your kitchen, but to no avail.

    No matter what you try, only small strips come off, with most of it glued tightly and impossible to budge.


At the rate that you are going the holiday season will be here and you will be too embarrassed to entertain guests this Thanksgiving and Christmas, unless the job is done.

Frustrated? Who can blame you? Instead of giving up, the following steps can help you remove your old wallpaper and faster too. Yes, you will be able entrain this holiday season if you carefully and patiently follow our instructions.

1. Assemble the right tools. What have you been using to remove your wall paper so far? A scraper and hot water? These alone are not sufficient. Instead, you will need to bring in a scoring tool and a wallpaper stripper along with garbage bags to hold your trash and a step ladder to better reach the top of your walls. A bucket and a sponge is useful too and, of course, wear goggles and rubber gloves to protect yourself.

2. Prepare your work area. You need to prepare your room for the work that you’re about to undertake. Move your furniture away from the walls and take down whatever fixtures you have in place. Use drop clothes to cover over exposed furnishings. Ventilate the room.

3. Use a scoring tool to loosen up the paper. Rub this device in a circular motion across the wallpaper in its entirety. This effort will create tiny holes in the paper to make it easier to remove.

4. Apply stripper removal. Spray or apply with a roller your stripping material. Use liberally and expect to apply multiple applications wherever wallpaper is especially adhered to the wall. Let the stripper soak in for about 15 minutes or according to the length prescribed by the manufacturer. You can also use a wallpaper steamer to expedite the process.

5. Use a scraper or broad knife. With the wall sufficiently prepped, you are ready to remove the wallpaper. Find a seam, lift it and carefully pull it away from the wall at an angle. If the wallpaper has been sufficiently prepared, you will be able to remove it. If not, you may need to reapply the stripper removal or use a wallpaper streamer.

6. Remove the wallpaper. Once your wallpaper begins to be removed, you’re ready to finish this project. Reapply your earlier steps to sections that are especially tough to complete.

Wallpaper Considerations

If the paper backing remains after the wallpaper has been stripped, apply a fresh coat of stripper directly to the backing or use a wallpaper stripper. Discard your old wallpaper and get ready to either paint or wallpaper your room with fresh paper.

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