5 Home Security Tips That Add Value to Your Home

5 Home Security Tips That Add Value to Your Home
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    Home security doesn't have to be ugly.

    Armed with the right information and a little creativity, you can add value to your home while making it safer and deterring burglars.


There are so many home security tips and tricks out there, but they always focus on making your home into a fortress, not a house you are proud to live in.

So, what can you add to your home to protect it and increase its value?

Fences – Attractive fences are an excellent home security measure which can increase your home’s value. By adding a secure, attractive fence, you are adding an extra obstacle that burglars need to break through before they get to your home. Fences are often a sign that the homeowners have dogs, which burglars also hate. Most thieves find it easier to just move on to the next house. If you are looking to see a home with a fence, you’ll attract interested dog lovers who want the added protection.

Lighting – Security lighting doesn’t have to be big and ugly. There are thousands of different types of lighting fixtures for outdoors, and all of them will help deter crime. Burglars hate light, because it is more difficult for them to break in and remain undetected. Outdoor lighting trends such as all-weather chandeliers, torch lights, and sconces can add a lot to your home. You can also use energy-saving CFL bulbs in all outdoor light fixtures, which will save you money too.

Alarm Systems – An alarm system doesn’t have to be big bulky keypad next to your door with wires all over the windows. Various security systems are wireless (the new high-tech trend), and the best part is that they don’t cost more than traditional wired systems. You can also hide the keypad in a bedroom, leave it on a kitchen counter, and use smartphone apps or keychain remotes to disarm and arm the system every time you leave.

Window Treatments – The right curtains, shutters and shades add beauty and style to your home. When you select the right window treatments, they look as though they were designed with the house. Of course there is an added security benefit as well – by blocking the view inside your home, burglars can’t see your valuables and can’t tell if anyone is at home. Good quality window treatments will last for many years, and be an asset to your house.

Landscaping Design –  No matter what your house looks like on the inside, when it looks well-maintained on the outside, it is worth much more. Well-kept lawns can increase property values across the entire neighborhood. When your shrubs and trees are planted in the right locations and trimmed, they will also provide your doors and windows with a clear view to the street. Burglars love homes where the windows are hidden by overgrown bushes because it allows them to break in undetected. Spend some money and time on proper landscape planting and maintenance now, and you’ll enjoy the beauty, value, and home security benefits for years to come.

Home security can beautify your home when you do it right. Do your research and you’ll come up with interesting ways to add security while making your house worth more at the end of the day. It doesn’t need to cost a lot, it just needs to be well thought-out and properly executed.

About the author: Ellen Dorris has a passion for staying on top of crime trends and helping the good guys outsmart the criminals. She often writes about safety tips, crime news, new security system technology and stupid crime stories.



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