Tips On Cleaning Out Your Vanities and Medicine Cabinets

Tips On Cleaning Out Your Vanities and Medicine Cabinets
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    Are certain nooks and crannies in your home being neglected?

    Is stuff just piling up everywhere in your house?

    Personally, I took a look around my house one weekend and could not believe the amount of clutter there was around and that was just in the visible areas!

Enough was enough and I took action

First Attack

The first place I took to cleaning out were the vanities in my master bathroom and the medicine cabinet. Yes, I do see these areas daily, but hey, I can easily shut the cabinets and not look at the mess! Call it the Spring weather setting in or the longer hours of sun, but it is time to come out of hibernation and deal with the reality of clutter.

First, I began by taking everything out of the vanity and medicine cabinet. I gave everything a good scrub and wipe down. Next, I applied new shelf/cabinet liner. Then, before shoving all my stuff back in, I went through each and every item. I threw away expired medication, old make-up, half-used lotion bottles and even broken barrettes. I even found items that I thought were missing (i.e. my favorite hair clip and my face bronzer)!

Next, I gathered similar items together so that everything had a common place under the vanity or in the medicine cabinet. For example, all sunblocks and after-suncare items were placed together, my hair accessories were all placed together in a cosmetic bag, and all my make-up was finally placed in my train case, without it being sprawled out all over the bottom of my vanity! Since the vanities are split ( I have a double sink), I was able to have his and her containers, so that my items would not get mixed up with my husband’s items. I was actually surprised at how much got thrown out (8 bathroom trashcans worth)! The results were simply amazing and the two and half hours it took to do it was totally worth it because now I know where everything is!

Second Attack

Since I was on a cleaning roll, I decided to tackle to kids’ bathroom next. I basically did the same thing to start: took everything our of the medicine cabinet and vanity; wiped and scrubbed everything down; applied new shelf/cabinet liner. The next step is extremely important, even more so in a children’s/guest bathroom – double check expiration dates on everything, from prescribed to over-the-counter medications and even lotions. Children’s bodies are quite different than adults and can easily be injured if taking expired medication. There were even a few items, which I threw out.

Next, I gathered all first-aid items together and created a "boo-boo" bin. In it, is gauze, ointments, band-aids are other items for scraps and cuts. This way if an injury occurs, we head right to the boo-boo bin.

Next, I designated a small bin for oral hygiene. From extra toothbrushes, floss, floss picks and fluoride rinse, it is all located in one area for easy access. Then, I created a similar bin for cough and cold: a thermometer; cool packs; cough drops, etc. I did make sure to lock up cough and cold medicine though. I kept going through the items and grouped them together for easy identification and access.

Now, both my kids and I (and even my husband) can locate bathroom items easily and there is no need to ask mom where something is!

Ann Martin is a contributing writer for Dinnerware Center, which specializes in dinnerware and flatware sets, such as the Noritake and the Noritake colorwave. Ann writes for other cooking and home and garden sites as well. When Ann is not writing, she travels and is an avid reader.

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Ann Martin is a freelance writer for Dinnerware Center, which is home to an extensive collection of dinnerware and flatware sets. Ann is a writer for other home and cooking websites. When Ann is not writing, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.