Decoration for Renters

Decoration for Renters
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    There is a wealth of advice on how to decorate, renovate and rejuvenate homes – whether you’re looking to try a bit of feng shui, go minimal or upgrade to a more luxurious décor.


There isn’t, however, much advice that takes into consideration the fact that an increasing amount of the population are opting to rent. Advice on repainting and restructuring is of little use when you have to move out in a year and leave your home looking exactly as it did when you moved in.

Renting for a short period of time does not mean that you have to hold off from decorating your home until you can afford to buy. Plus, any décor downfalls are made up by the fact that you’re not tied down to one place for too long, you’ll probably have cheaper home insurance payments and it’s a lot less expensive to move on.

The key is to ensure that any changes you do make are easy to reverse, and anything that you add can be easily picked up and packed into a cardboard box – think: candles, curtains, cushions, art, lighting and vases. Of course, there will be limits to what you can and can’t do – but ensuring that you stay on good terms with your landlord may help your chances of having more freedom.


You can never go wrong with flowers, particularly when you’re renting, and especially in your hallway. Being greeted by a fresh bouquet of bright flowers as you walk in your door is a luxury that renters don’t have to compromise.

Bare walls can be a statement in themselves – especially if you mount a few minimalistic frames and photos with a running theme – black and white, sepia or brightly coloured. You may have restrictions regarding hanging things on the wall, though. If so, don’t despair. Get a long wire or string, some wooden clothes pegs and print out some photos for a vintage-looking display that is easily transportable and homely.

Living room

Just because you’re renting, this doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to sitting on cardboard boxes. Don’t hold off investing in nice furniture – it can flourish once you move into a home of your own, but in the meantime it can still enhance the homeliness and eliminate the feeling of transiency of a room.

Renting means that you’re restricted with what you can change, and this includes flooring. This is where rugs come in – they’re perfectly transferable and can easily make whatever statement it is you want to make. Similarly, statement floor vases come in every thinkable shape and size and can easily enhance your living room.


The kitchen is one room where your control is particularly relinquished in terms of its design, mainly due to not being able to select the appliances according to your taste. There are many ways to add little touches that will outweigh this, however. Modern, clear jars displaying fresh herbs can give a homely look to your kitchen counter. Tie a bold ribbon or beaded string around them for an extra touch.

Hang utensils from the walls or underneath cupboards, and if you’re landlord allows it – little wall stencils of fruit and vegetable silhouettes will add a subtle homely touch.


Without being able to paint your walls or make any drastic changes, there are many ways to inject individual taste into your bedroom. Any furniture that you own can be painted, and a house plant will add a nice finishing touch to a brightly coloured drawer.

As the bed is the main focal point in any bedroom – it’s prudent to concentrate on this. A beautiful throw and a selection of colour-coordinated cushions will make an easy uplift to the entire room.


Rather than investing in large storage pieces, opt for freestanding wardrobes, open shelving units, or a single piece of furniture that can offer a lot of storage. Bulky storage will only be a hassle to move when you eventually relocate – so anything small, light and aesthetically pleasing is the best way to hide unwanted presents and embarrassing CDs.

Rather than see renting as an obstacle, use it to your advantage. Use the knowledge of living somewhere for only a short period of time to bring out your brave side.



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